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Efficient LED Illuminated Logo Signs

Efficient LED Illuminated Logo Signs

If you are looking to give your company’s logo that extra “pop” and visibility, exploring your signage options is a good idea. A few decades ago, neon signs were quite popular – and in fact, there are many businesses that still use them – but by in large, this technology is being abandoned in favour of LED lighting. At About Signs, efficient LED illuminated logo signs are one of our specialties, and when you examine the advantages of this type of sign it is easy to understand why so many businesses in Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas make use of them.

LEDs Are Cost Effective

If you’ve ever compared the price of regular LED lights to that of compact fluorescent or incandescent lights, you know that that the bulbs themselves are pricier. While the cost of this type of lighting has come down in recent years, it is better to think of it as an investment rather than an initial cost savings.

This is because the lifespan of LEDs tends to be much longer than other types of lighting. (over 20 years in many cases!)

Another way in which you will notice cost savings with LEDs is through the actual energy use. Efficient LED illuminated logo signs use only a fraction of the energy required by other types of lit signs to achieve the same brightness, allowing your business to make huge energy cost savings – when coupled with comparing alternative Business Energy providers in hopes of finding a cheaper solution, you could find your business could be saving a lot more than you expected it to, month by month.

They Provide Brighter Light Than Neon Signs Do

Have you ever sat inside a dimly lit sports bar surrounded by various neon signs? Did you notice that despite all those lit signs, it was still pretty dark?

With efficient LED illuminated logo signs, your logo is going to appear much brighter during day or night. And while you may prefer the more subdued appearance of neon if your business is a dimly lit sports bar, having a brighter LED illuminated logo sign is preferable for outdoor or lobby signs.

LED Illuminated Logo Signs Are Available in a Wide Range of Colours

Another advantage to LED illuminated logo signs is the impressive array of colours that they can produce. The whites alone can range from warm and soft to cool and bright and then there is a spectrum ranging from purple to red.

There are even RBG colour changing LEDs that can cycle through a pattern of multiple colours.

LED Lit Signs Look Great

Perhaps the main reason why so many businesses in the Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville area choose LED illuminated logo signs is the simple fact that they look great. Since your company logo is a reflection of your brand, it’s important to choose the most professional looking sign possible.

LED illuminated logo signs typically have their lighting inside. They can light up a translucent logo, or they can create a backlit effect in which the light spills out from behind your logo. The most basic of these signs is a simple light box, however, more customized solutions can be created depending on your desired effect.

If you have a business in Oakville or the surrounding area and are considering LED illuminated logo signage, we invite you to Call On the Team at About Signs. With over 20 years in the sign making industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to design high-quality signage for any business.