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The benefits of hanging blade signs

The benefits of hanging blade signs

If your business is situated in a bustling area with lots of competing shops around you, installing a hanging blade sign can be an effective strategy to get noticed. Hanging signs are typically installed perpendicular to the façade of your storefront so that passing pedestrians have an easier time identifying your business. Just about any company that uses a storefront can benefit from hanging blade signage to catch the eye of customers or promote your products or services. Here’s how hanging blade signs can be employed by different types of businesses.

Retail Stores and Outdoor Signs

If you have a small business and you need an edge to stand out on a busy street, a prominent hanging sign with some eye-catching lettering can garner the attention of passing pedestrians. It’s also a good idea to use your sign to convey to potential customers what your business specializes in. For example, the sign for Bordo below indicates that they are a clothing retailer. Newcomers to Bordo’s neighbourhood who are on the lookout for clothing will have an easier time finding them. The large circular shape of Bordo’s hanging sign gives the store’s branding a clean, modern feel. Your hanging blade sign can be shaped into a circle or a custom form that fits in with your company and your services.

Bordo Hanging Sign

Inns & Bed and Breakfast Advertising

One of the most common places you’ll see hanging blade signs is on an inn or a bed and breakfast. Not only do these signs offer a chance to present some unique branding, but they’re often utilized to tell passers-by whether there are vacant rooms available. The Frogtown Acres Inn hanging sign below utilizes carved wood for an added rustic feel. When you’re designing your hanging blade sign, keep in mind that it can be fashioned out of wood and hung on decorative rods or mounted brackets for a classic, elegant look.


Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants with Hanging Blade Signs

Pubs, restaurants, and cafes are all frequent users of hanging blade signs. When people are out and about and looking for a place to eat or grab a coffee, a hanging sign can help them find their way to a dining establishment. Hanging signs for restaurants and cafes are good candidates for iconography to help nearby pedestrians know what dining options are around them. A stylized cup of steaming coffee, for instance, will let prospective customers know what they can find inside a shop.

Interior Hanging Blade Signs

For established companies that are easily recognizable by their logo, hanging signs can still come in handy. We manufactured a hanging blade sign for Tim Hortons so that customers could find them from around a corner, without having to see the main restaurant signage. For other franchises, whether they’re restaurants or retail stores, hanging signs that display well-known logos and branding will stand out to customers who appreciate the comfort of familiar products.

Tim Hortons Hanging Sign

Hanging signs can be illuminated, made out of several materials, and can be shaped in just about any way you choose. When you’re ready to create a hanging blade sign, contact About Signs in Oakville to let us know what sort of design you have in mind.