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The Benefits of Illuminated Boards That Captivate Your Market

The Benefits of Illuminated Boards That Captivate Your Market

When you think of illuminated boards for signage, the traditional solutions might come to mind. Static billboards under lights sure do attract attention, but they’re expensive and the investment doesn’t last long. Modern illuminated boards like digital billboards and programmable signs can provide a much stronger return on your investment.

Learn about the unique advantages of illuminated boards and programmable signs, and talk to the experts at About Signs Limited to get a free quote for your project today.

Illuminated Boards Draw Attention

Just like a static billboard under lights can attract attention, so will an illuminated board featuring a programmable sign or an LED message display.

In fact, programmable signs will attract more attention than their analog counterparts. In an era when people are accustomed to LED screens and a digital experience everywhere they go, digital signs simply make sense.

Beyond drawing attention, illuminated boards also ensure visibility in all conditions. Whether it’s raining, late in the evening, hailing, or snowing, illuminated boards will convey your marketing message in ways that traditional signs can’t compete with.

There are Several Types of Programmable Signs Available

Programmable signs can range from simple LED message signs with scrolling text in single colour, all the way up to the largest digital billboards with fully illuminated graphics, text, and video in full colour.

With all of the unique programmable signs available, all with different sizes and capabilities, it’s possible to choose one that is perfectly suited to your business.

When deciding on programmable signs, consider the following::

  • What is your budget?
  • How large do you need the sign to be?
  • Do you want to display highly visual marketing images in full colour or simple text?
  • What is the purpose of your sign?

For commercial advertising, billboard-style programmable signs often work best. However, for signs that are more focused on information, scrolling text could be the better option.

If you aren’t sure what you need, you can always talk to an experienced illuminated board and sign specialist at About Signs Limited.

Digital Billboards are Eco-Friendly

When compared to traditional billboards, digital billboards are better for the environment.

Digital billboards last for years and you can change the display to suit your needs without having to produce new physical signage. Digital billboards are also lit from within using LED technology, so they’re more efficient than static billboards using traditional floodlights.

With climate change and an increasing strain on natural resources, limiting your carbon footprint is essential. For some businesses, limiting environmental impact may even be a key operational goal.

Digital billboards are one way that you can lessen the environmental impact of doing business in Canada.

You Get More Versatility with Digital Signage

With traditional signage, you wouldn’t even imagine being able to change out a poster or large billboard with just a few minute’s notice. However, with digital signage, this is a core design feature.

From LED message signs with scrolling text, right through to billboards of all sizes, going digital means having the versatility to change your messaging on the fly.

There are countless ways to make use of this versatility. For specific businesses, like car park operators, a digital sign could connect to a server and display the daily parking rate as well as the number of parking spots available. For a cinema complex, a digital sign could display the currently showing films, along with screening times. Retailers could display upcoming promotions and specials. A sports or events center could detail upcoming events with the dates and times and ticket prices. Schools or churches can change their message daily without walking through the snow!

The potential is virtually endless, especially when you factor in digital signs that have graphics and video capability. Digital signage is far more immersive than traditional signage, and it’s the best form of physical advertising to attract the attention of your target market in Canada.

Outdoor Digital Signage Prices are Reasonable

There’s an outdoor digital signage price to suit any business or community group. From schools to local clubs, charities to corporate enterprises, outdoor digital signage prices can be customized to suit your needs.

If you’re on a strict budget and need to keep the outdoor digital signage price low, then a smaller LED message center could be the best option. With more money available to invest, programmable billboards with static image or video capability in full colour can be considered.

About Signs Limited will develop a sign concept that meets your specifications, with an outdoor digital signage price that suits your budget.

Enjoy the Benefits of Illuminated Boards from About Signs Limited

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