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The Benefits of Investing in LED Sign Boards for Business

The Benefits of Investing in LED Sign Boards for Business

The Benefits of Investing in LED Sign Boards for Business

Effective signage is one of the most efficient ways to market your brand and communicate with your audience. At About Signs Limited, we create eye-catching digital LED signs for business so you can customize your message and stand out in your local market.

Discover the compelling and unique benefits of LED sign boards and get started with a free quote from the leading commercial signage company in Southwestern Ontario.

Custom LED Logo Signs are the New Neon

There was a time when neon signs dominated shop windows, billboards, and city blocks. Neon was attractive, got the message across, and was versatile enough to be used for illuminated letters as well as adding emphasis and depth to printed or painted static billboards.

The problem with neon, especially when compared to custom LED logo signs, was the expense. Neon signage was costly to produce, required maintenance, and for many businesses was unsustainable.

You can have signs made with the authentic look of a neon glow using custom LED logo signs. And, best of all, that’s not where it ends.

Custom LED logo signs can be used as alternatives to neon, or they can take on an entirely new esthetic that is more contemporary and appealing to modern consumers. Your custom LED logo signs can have intricate light displays with cycling colours and patterns, or you can simply use custom LED logo signs to illuminate graphics and share some basic text.

With About Signs Limited, your custom LED logo signs could also include a digital message board to communicate with your audience and change the text as your business needs evolve.

Whether you want the look of classic neon or something entirely unique for the modern era, we will create LED sign boards to your specifications.

Different Types of Digital LED Signs for Business

The versatility of digital LED signs for business is a major benefit. No matter what type of sign you’re looking for, you’ll find a solution with About Signs Limited.

Some of the most popular digital LED signs for business include:

  • HD LED Displays that cycle graphics and text to capture the attention of your local market.
  • LED-Lit Channel Letters where your company name is visible day or night in all weather conditions.
  • Monument Signs lit with exterior LED letters.
  • Custom Message digital LED signs for business where you can change the displayed text remotely for versatile signage that captures attention.

All of our standard and digital LED signs for business have a key goal in mind – draw attention and communicate your message or market your brand. With more eyes on your business, you’ll have more opportunities to engage with your market.

Storefront Window LED Lights Customized for Your Needs

You’ll enjoy the benefits of custom storefront window LED lights for your needs. Many businesses (real estate agencies, retail stores, restaurants, etc.) use window signage effectively. In busy commercial areas, storefront windows are prime advertising space. You can use storefront window LED lights in creative ways to give your signage and advertising materials more impact.

If you traditionally hang posters in your windows these can be surrounded with LED frames to capture attention and garner interest. Restaurants, cafés, bars, and similar businesses can use window LED lights to highlight menus, opening hours, or any other information that needs to be conveyed to the public.

Storefront window LED lights can make your business stand out compared to the competition, and they will complement your other signage like channel letters or illuminated 3D letters above the store.

We customize storefront window LED lights for each project. Talk to us about what you have in mind and we’ll develop solutions that suit your budget.

Exterior LED Letters for Primary Branding

If you feel that your business isn’t getting the exposure that it needs you can invest in exterior LED letters to make your brand shine. Hanging blade signs and other custom storefront signs can be LED lit.

We will create lettering that suits your brand imagery using the font, materials, and colours of your choice. Letters can be made from acrylic for an LED glow that comes from within. Solid letters in acrylic or metal can be backlit for a halo glowing effect.

Exterior LED letters are:.

  • Visible in all conditions.
  • Affordable to produce and operate.
  • More energy-efficient than traditional illuminated signs.
  • Durable with LED bulbs lasting up to 50,000 hours (more than five years) of continuous running in some cases.

Talk to Ontario’s signage experts to enjoy all of the benefits of exterior LED letters for your business.

Start Designing Your Custom LED Sign Board Today

About Signs Limited is standing by to design your custom sign board that will take your branding and marketing to the next level. Efficiency, versatility, and durability all come together with affordable LED sign boards in Southwestern Ontario.

Get your free quote for an LED sign board and enjoy the exposure and success that the right signage can bring to your business.