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The Function Behind the Decoration

The Function Behind the Decoration

You enter an office building, hotel, or bank for the first time. How do you figure out where you need to go without asking anyone?

More than likely, you start reading the signage in the lobby space.

Hopefully, you’re soon confronted by a ton of visual and text content; signs that indicate hours of operation, signs that indicate areas of the building and signs that will help you find your way around.

Other than being decorative, here are five ways lobby signs are useful in a lobby space.

#1) They Minimize Confusion

Customers or guests to your space should feel welcomed and be at ease when entering your lobby.

Without proper signage, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, anxious and stressed trying to find your way around. In many typical office lobby spaces, there is no staff to ask for directions immediately upon entrance. That’s when signage becomes extra useful!

#2) They Are Multi-Purpose

From directional and reception signs to wayfinding signs and more, signs provide guidance to your lobby’s visitors in the form of text or visuals.

They can be used to direct people who are lost or who have never visited your space before or to guide people through a series of confusing hallways.

Choosing the right type of sign comes down to space limitations and desired intent. Sometimes, something as simple as an arrow or room number is enough to direct lobby guests to the proper destination.

Other times, custom signs are necessary to display extensive company information while creating interest in your entrance area.

#3) They Can Help with Your Branding

Keep in mind that your lobby signs don’t need to be limited to just text!

Use visuals instead of text (or in conjunction with text) to create an effective, appealing first impression to guests. Your lobby signs are a great place to incorporate your company’s branding too! For example, consider including your logo on your reception sign to create a lasting impression on your building’s visitors.

They can also be used to display pictures of your products or guests, so lobby guests know right away what your company offers.

#4) They Make You Look Professional

Lobby signage can add to the professional look of your lobby space, too. Create signs with the same cohesive look as your brand by incorporating the same text, colours, etc. And keep placement in mind! Passing by signs depicting your logo and company message within a lobby space can create a lasting image in a visitor’s mind.

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