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The Power of Yard Signs

Yard signs are basically small signs which can easily be placed on the property of your business.  They are a powerful and portable tool for quick outdoor placement of advertisements about a business or event.  They are also a great way to get the word out in your neighbourhood or area about the types of business or services you offer.

West Oak Masonry

The light weight of yard signs makes them easy to transport and move around and place anywhere.  They are also well suited for most weather conditions, making them perfect in most seasons. Made from durable corrugated plastic or special sign board material to withstand weather, these signs can be placed in a variety of outdoor locations.

Lawn signs draw potential customers to your properties and let a passerby know who is working on site. From small identification signs to larger real estate signs, yard signs attract attention and generate interest in your services and properties.  Instead of taping a poster onto a street lamp, why not advertise in advanced with a handsome and cost effective lawn sign.  Golf courses having tournaments are big fans of lawn signs.  Charity tournaments, for example, will post various sponsor information at various holes with lawn signs.

Lawn signs are typically used in the real estate industry for open houses, or homes for sale, plus for event marketing and events.  We think they are fantastic for corporate events you might be hosting, such as a charity car wash golf tournament, or charity barbecue.  Lawn signs are perfect for family picnics your business might host on the weekends.  Many contractors, such as painting companies, landscapers, and roofers use lawn signs as they are doing work.  It turns every work site into an effective ad for your business.  The beauty with our lawn signs is that they are durable.  With a little care, you can carry your lawn sign to multiple locations, making them ideal for contractors.

These signs are both attractive and eye catching.  They help to direct potential clients, visitors and passerby.  The classic lawn sign is the ideal choice to set up to establish some interest and direct people.  Diverting pedestrian and vehicle traffic helps to protect lawns and green spaces.  They are popular due to their low cost and effectiveness.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss having your own lawn signs made.