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Trailer Lettering for Contractors


If you’re a contractor, you might have a trailer to haul your construction equipment from one job to another.  That trailer is valuable in its ability to store the tools of your trade and get them to where they need to be.  What’s on the inside of that trailer lets you earn a living, but what’s on the outside of the trailer can also help bolster your business.

Trailers offer a large surface area to advertise your contracting services.  When you’re on the road with a trailer adorned with eye-catching lettering, you’ll be promoting your business to people everywhere you go.  Many consumers decide on a contractor based on word-of-mouth or on what’s on their mind when they need to hire one.  Having effective trailer lettering helps your company stay top-of-mind in a competitive landscape.

Strone Trailer Graphic

Make sure your trailer lettering can be read easily

Your trailer lettering needs to be legible for it to have the desired positive effect for your business.  To make sure that your name and contact information are easily read and remembered, use a font that’s easy to take in at a glance.  Some fonts that are overly decorative may look good on paper, but they may be hard to read on a moving trailer.

Just as important as the font you choose is its size.  Most trailers offer a sizable canvas to place lettering on, and larger font sizes are a good idea – they can be read at a distance, and are easier to read on a moving object.  Furthermore, large letters will be easy to see from a curious neighbour’s window if you are doing residential work.

Choosing the right graphics for your vehicle wrap

In addition to text, a vehicle wrap can be placed on your trailer so that graphics can blend with your lettering.  Trailer wraps can be customized to include your contracting company’s logo and colours. If you specialize in a particular type of contracting, you might want to consider including some graphics related to your specialty.  For instance, a contractor that specializes in flooring could use images of hardwood panels on his or her trailer.  Combined with the company’s name and contact information, the hardwood graphics can create a lasting impression in the mind of those who see it.

Knowing what lettering to place where

You might have different bits of information that you want to include in your trailer lettering – things like your company name, a slogan, a description of your specialties, and your contact information.  The back of the trailer, for instance, is likely to be seen by other drivers on the road.  That’s a good place to put your company’s website – a small bit of information that drivers will be able to remember easily.  The sides of your trailer, where you might have more surface area, are excellent spots to put details about your company, like the contracting areas that you specialize in. Pertinent information like your phone number should be placed in a spot that is easy to see.

If you’re a contractor looking to promote your business everywhere you go, contact About Signs to see the customized trailer lettering and trailer wraps we can create for you.