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How Detailed Can Your Trailer Decals Be?

Some businesses choose simple lettering for their trailer decals, opting for high legibility with a concise message. There are no limits on how detailed your trailer decals can be, and you can incorporate more than just your name and your logo.

Creative ways that we can design your trailer decals include:

  • Full-colour prints of brand images or any of your existing marketing assets on trailer decals.
  • Complete trailer decals wrap that covers the entire side of a trailer.
  • Half wrap trailer decals.
  • Poster-style trailer decal designs that cover part of a trailer for a short or long-term advertising campaign.

We are one of the leading trailer advertising companies in Southwestern Ontario. Whatever you have in mind for custom trailer decals, we can produce attractive graphics and lettering to get your brand noticed.

What Kind of Exposure do You Gain With a Custom Signs Trailer

Custom signs trailers attract attention whether on the road, parked outside your place of business or at a customer’s location for a job or delivery.

The exposure is significant, essentially giving you a roaming billboard with a custom signs trailer.

If you are trying to grow your business or simply want to increase brand penetration, our custom signs trailer designs will help you to achieve your goals. If your trailer fleet frequently travels between provinces or even into the United States, you’ll be able to promote your brand anywhere that you go. In large cities like Toronto, six or seven-figure impression counts aren’t out of the question.

With an investment in signs trailer designs, you could significantly increase exposure, often with a better return on investment when compared to traditional print or media advertising.

Custom Trailer Decal Design Services

You don’t need to engage a separate design firm when you are looking for custom trailer decal design services. We are a fully integrated trailer decal design firm offering everything from the initial concept to production and application of trailer decal designs to your fleet.

Our trailer decal design team will use your existing assets, logo, and lettering to create an attractive trailer that turns heads and reinforces your brand message. Even if you only have limited marketing assets today, our team will work to create an eye-catching design that suits the size, shape, and purpose of your commercial trailers.

If you’ve avoided trailer decal design because of the complexity and time investment needed, you’ll find that our fully integrated service makes it easy to get your branding out on the road.

Go Beyond Sign On Trailers with Ontario's Best Trailer Advertising Companies

Some trailer advertising companies specialize in one aspect of business signage and branding. We provide all types of storefront and outdoor signage solutions, including signs on trailers.

If you are ready to invest in a complete branding overhaul, we are ready to help. We can put a new sign on trailers and containers, and create impressive branding for your storefront, warehouse location, or even your interior reception and offices.

Signs on trailers is just one important part of our business. We also offer push through signs for your fascia, channel letters, or even a new pylon sign to create permanent branding at your primary business location.

To combine sign on trailers with effective signage at any of your locations, contact About Signs Limited, one of Ontario’s best trailer advertising companies today.

Truck Trailer Signs for Impressive Full-Colour Mobile Advertising

Large truck trailer signs give you plenty of space to get your brand seen by customers throughout Southwestern Ontario, or anywhere else that your fleet goes.

With truck trailer signs you will have more space to increase the size of your lettering, add a full-colour company logo, or incorporate detailed images of products and other assets. With more space available on truck trailer signs, you can also clearly list your products and services in text, add highly visible contact details, or even your company tagline or motto.

Truck trailer signs create highly impactful trailer decals on wheels that your audience won’t forget. If you’re ready to make the most of your fleet, you can get started with truck trailer signs today. From design to installation, we guarantee defect-free wraps and stickers. Your search for reliable trailer advertising companies ends with About Signs Limited.