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Trending Logos for 2014

Trending Logos for 2014

If you are looking at creating a new logo for your business, or coming up with a logo for your signage or website, here are a few logo trends that are popular for 2014.

Mono Crest

Mono Crest Logo Trend

Mono Crest is one of the most prolific trends of this year. This is mainly using lines to define the logo and to make it stand out in a way that you’re seeing the “bare bones” of the logo.  It is an illustration of simplicity of an icon, crest or logo.

Letter Stacks

Letter Stack Logo

The name Letter Stacks explains itself. It is when you section a word or group of words over top of each other in sequence broken up into equal sections. It is an interesting way to capture your audience because they are compelled to figure out what it says.

Hand Type

Hand Type Logo

Hand Type is a type of logo that is hand drawn. This gives designers the chance to use different fonts and different template ideas. There are endless ideas you can have when drawing your logo which you can use to attract a variety of people. You might think a hand drawn logo might give the impression that it’s not a very good company, but if it’s drawn well and promoted correctly it can work wonders.


Dazzle Logo Trend

The font in this Dazzle logo is very bold in some angles it almost seems to fade away to nothing in some areas. If gives you the persona of the letter but it isn’t fully filled out.

Flat Facets

Flat Facets Logo

This is a very interesting logo idea. It takes triangles of different shapes and sizes and manipulates them to form other shapes and pictures. It can be easy or complicated, colorful or simple. Either way it grasps the idea of a priceless gem in its beauty.  The flat facets style would look great on window signage or on a vehicle wrap.

Geo Wires

Geo Wires Trend Logo

Geo Wires help give the perception of precision. It gives an edgy and sharp look of objects shown mostly in black in white. No curves in any lines gives it a straight forward look to lookers. These types of logos are mainly used by people that use math and chemistry as well as architects and people in the web industry.

Trans Menagerie

Trans Menagerie Style Logo

Trans Menagerie deals with geometric shapes that are transparent and can overlap each other to come up with a shape of an animal. The shape is flat with no 3D aspect at all. Simplistic in shape, these logos can be beautifully orchestrated to illustrate the company.


Waves Logo 2014 trend

The way Waves works is that you don’t have just curved lines orchestrated into your logo. It must be 3 curved lines in succession in order for it to work. It’s usually a symbol for digital devices but companies are starting to use it more as a symbol to stay connected.


Geography Trend for Logo

Geography is when you use specific geographical countries, rivers, or other well-known geographical landmarks incorporated into your logo. Companies that are proud of their country would incorporate it into their logo. These companies usually deal with food products. In the logo above, Brazil is integrated into the beer foam.


Pompoms Logo Trending

Pompons are groups of line segments that create a circular formation. They must be random and others are perfectly placed. You can have multiple colors or restrict yourself to only a few. This can be one of the more fun type of logos to create especially since it can almost look 3D in a sense.

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These are different types of logos that are used a lot in today’s day and age. These designs are used to capture our attention and are a staple in the company’s business. The logo you create symbolizes who you are and what you do. Make sure you pick what you feel represents who your company is.