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Truck Lettering – Mobile Billboard

Whether you have a truck for delivering items to and from your business, or if you use a truck for mobile vending, a visually engaging truck can help lure more customers. Well-crafted graphics and lettering on trucks enhance a company’s image by showing professionalism and involvement in the neighbourhood. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of truck lettering, and some things to keep in mind when you’re crafting the look of the graphics.

Truck lettering

A billboard, but better

Graphics turn your truck into a rolling billboard, but unlike a traditional billboard that will remain in one location, truck lettering lets you showcase your company’s name and brand throughout a larger area. In addition to the potential for capturing more eyes, your mobile billboard also shows potential customers that you’re actively at work in the community. When your truck is en route to a job, or set up at a job, people will see your company in action, which will keep you in their minds should they require the services or products you offer.

A large canvas

Depending on the size of your truck, you could have a pretty sizable area on which to display your company’s message. The sides and back of a truck can house a number of different graphics, colour blocks, and text. You can use a large truck to prominently display your name and contact information, or use the large surface area to present eye-catching images that are related to your company – you could use a photograph of your product or a large-scale logo.

An attractive mobile shop

Visual merchandisers know how important a good window display is to drawing customers into a store. Well-styled displays that showcase the latest fashions give passers-by a taste of what’s available inside. If you conduct your business from a vehicle – as is the case for food trucks – the graphics and lettering on your truck act as its window display. Graphics on a food truck can let potential customers know what edible offerings you have available, or you can use the graphics to reinforce a brand. For example, a food truck that specializes in seafood could use imagery of the ocean.

Tips for making the most of your truck lettering

When you’re designing the lettering and graphics for your truck, keep these points in mind:

  • Use font size to your advantage: Larger fonts are easier to notice and read, especially when your truck is in motion.
  • Consider using imagery: People tend to notice, and react quicker, to pictures than words. Think of an appropriate image that showcases or represents your company and how it can be used on your truck.
  • Don’t clutter space: Even though you may have a large surface area to work with, you don’t want to fill it with too much text or too many graphics. Doing so will make your message difficult to read and discern.
  • Make contact information prominent: A phone number or website should be easy to spot and easy to remember so that customers can get in touch with you long after they’ve seen your truck.

Ready to turn your truck into a mobile billboard? Contact us to find out more about our truck lettering options and craft the right look for your company’s truck.