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Types of Signs – An Introduction to Storefront Signage

Types of Signs – An Introduction to Storefront Signage

Your choice of exterior signage can have a direct impact on the success of your business. The right sign will get your business seen and remembered. Signage that falls short could leave you in obscurity. Understanding the different types of signs can help you to make a choice that benefits your business.

Discover the most popular types of signs and start the design process with About Signs Limited today.

Electronic Message Storefront Signage

Electronic message centers use specialized LED lighting to display text and graphics. They are the most versatile types of signs. You can customize the message to suit your needs, so you’ll save money over the lifetime of the storefront signage.

Electronic message storefront signage is often used for promotional messages, but can also be used as a primary source of branding. You can also combine electronic message storefront signs with other types of store signs. A monument sign in front of your premises could combine 2D storefront signage with an electronic message board underneath.

You can learn more about electronic message storefront signage here, with examples to inspire your next project.

Blade Signs

Hanging blade signs hang in front of storefronts and are oriented to face traffic either on the roadside or the sidewalk. Although this is one of the most traditional types of storefront signage, the aesthetic is timeless.

You can customize blade signs with your logo and text. With our talented designers, you could even have a hanging blade sign with a lightbox to make your business stand out in any busy commercial or entertainment district.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are one of our favorite types of store signs to produce. These letters are large three-dimensional letters that can be applied to a custom backing, or directly on a storefront. They are highly noticeable and leave a lasting impression. You can even add illumination to channel letters, with options like halo lighting, internal lighting, or direct lighting.

Channel letters are ideal when you have a lot of space for signage and lettering.

Wall Signs for Exteriors

Custom wall signs can range from 2D lettering on custom backing, right through to neon-style signs that are applied to the surface. Wall signs are great if you have a large exterior surface that you want to cover with images, a logo, or branded lettering.

There are also specialized types of store signs like lighted acrylic box signs that can be attached to walls.

Which Types of Store Signs are Right for Your Business?

The type of sign you choose is often linked to the space that you have available for a sign. Channel letters are among the most common types of store signs, and they are well suited to businesses that have large flat areas on the business façade. If you only have a small presence on the streetside, you could be better served by a blade sign.

Consultation is key to finding the right types of store signs for your business. You can talk to the team at About Signs Limited and we’ll consider your physical location before recommending a sign that suits both the space and your budget.

Should You Purchase Used Outdoor Business Signs for Sale?

You can sometimes find used outdoor business signs for sale. Electronic message centers sometimes enter the used market, and you might be tempted to purchase these used outdoor business signs for sale.

There are risks involved when buying used outdoor business signs for sale. The quality is never guaranteed, and the sign may need extensive maintenance or repair. When purchasing older used outdoor business signs for sale, you could miss out on modern features. Electronic signs from our team can be connected to the internet and configured remotely, so you don’t even need to be at your place of business to update your sign.

When considering non-electronic used outdoor business signs for sale, the problem is that they won’t be customized for your brand. This is OK if you’re considering small freestanding signs, like chalkboard signs, but it becomes a problem when looking at larger signs. Large letters, for example, can be repurposed but it’s typically more practical and cost-efficient to start with a custom solution.

If you’re considering used signs, ask yourself if the purpose and design of the sign suit your business. You can get a quote from our team today and see why starting fresh with a custom sign is always the best idea.

Experts in All Types of Signs

We’ve touched on a few of the most common types of signs that are seen throughout Southwestern Ontario. If you want to ensure that your business is seen, you can trust the team at About Signs Limited. Talk to us today, begin the consultation process, and get the most impactful signage for your business.