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Vehicle Graphics – Custom Wraps and Lettering

About Signs Limited is the best choice for vehicle graphics in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and throughout Southwestern Ontario. We create attractive vehicle graphics, car stickers, magnetic signs, decals, and full or partial custom wraps.

If you need to add wraps and custom car decals to a vehicle of any size or shape, talk to the experts in Ontario. Explore our options for vehicle decals and lettering and get your no-obligation estimate today.


The Benefits of Vehicle Decals and Graphics

Vehicle decals, custom wraps, and vehicle graphics are among the most cost-effective ways to market your business. Whether your commercial vehicles are parked outside your place of business, visiting clients and customers, or out on the road, you can gain hundreds if not thousands of impressions every single day. Your brand can reach places that would be impossible with a storefront or even conventional media advertising.

If you want to get your brand seen and increase the engagement you get from your target audience, it’s time to talk to the team at About Signs Limited.

You’ll enjoy benefits including:

  • Increased brand penetration with vehicle decals.
  • Better recognition of your company name and logo.
  • The ability to promote not only your brand with vehicle decals and graphics but also your core products and services.
  • Mobile advertising with a greater return on investment.
  • Convenient and in some cases temporary advertising with options like magnetic signs.
  • Fully customizable colours, graphics, and lettering on vehicle decals, wraps, stickers, and magnetic signs.
Custom Car Stickers

Our custom car stickers are designed for effective branding and messaging at a budget-friendly cost.

Car stickers are made from durable adhesive vinyl that is weather-resistant, offering vibrant lettering and graphics that will last for years. Car stickers are used for doors and body panels when you don’t need full wraps or large vehicle graphics. Stickers are ideal for company names, contact numbers, and other essential information like a slogan or your products and services.

You can choose car stickers designs that are subtle and minimalist or go right up to intricate and colourful. Learn more and order auto decals and car stickers today.

Truck Lettering and Wraps

Commercial trucks of all sizes can become mobile advertising vehicles with truck lettering and wraps. If you’re often on the road for deliveries, in-home services, and other purposes related to your business, you’ll get more exposure with truck lettering and wraps.

Our attractive vinyl graphics and letters are made to stand out and draw attention.

Imagine how much more business exposure you’ll gain when every vehicle in your fleet becomes an effective mobile advertisement with vehicle graphics. Learn about our design and installation services and get your free quote here.

Trailer Decals and Wraps

Trailers can be fully enclosed with custom wraps that get noticed whenever you’re on the road. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, a partial wrap would be perfect. We customize colours, lettering, logos, and graphics for your trailers. Wraps are designed to fully conform to your vehicle, similar to custom airbrushing. Our vehicle graphics are incredibly consistent, thanks to our advanced large format printing methods. Durable automotive vinyl is perfect for vehicle graphics that resist UV exposure, the elements, dirt, dust, and grime from the road.

We also offer design and graphics services for food trucks and other specialty vehicles. Get a quote for truck lettering and commercial vehicle decals today.

Custom Wraps for Cars

Our vehicle graphics wraps can transform any standard car or commercial van into a fully customized mobile advertisement. Custom wraps make sure that your vehicle stands out on the road with all the brand presence that you need to grow your business.

Our custom wraps for cars can cover all or part of the vehicle, including rear and passenger windows. Perforated vinyl turns windows into valuable advertising space without obscuring the outside view from within.

Our full and partial custom wraps are professionally installed and easy to remove without causing damage, making them perfect for your privately owned vehicles as well as leased vehicles.

Custom wraps can include:

  • Graphics and photography printed in high resolution on durable vinyl.
  • Custom lettering and text to promote products and services.
  • Your business name and logo.
  • Custom colours to change the look of your vehicle.

Custom wraps are ideal for businesses that often have vehicles out on the road. You’ve probably seen wrapped vehicle graphics on trade cars and commercial delivery vehicles. The use of these isn’t just limited to the obvious industries. Your corporate brand, retail brand, or any type of brand could get more local exposure and recognition when you invest in vehicle graphics.

Magnetic Signs

If you’re looking for a quick and versatile advertising solution, consider magnetic signs. These signs are custom printed and can be added to vehicle doors or body panels, including metal panels on trailers and trucks. Magnetic signs instantly add branding and a marketing message to your vehicles and can include both text and graphics. This is the easiest way to get vehicle graphics on your fleet. Best of all, magnetic signs aren’t permanent and can be switched between vehicles when necessary.

If you have mixed-use vehicles our magnetic signs are perfect because they can be removed when vehicles are out for personal use. Contact us today to start designing affordable magnetic signs for your mobile advertising.

Order Custom Car Decals and Vehicle Graphics Today

Custom car decals, wraps, magnets, and stickers are the perfect way to add on-road advertising to your business strategy. Our custom car decals are printed on high quality magnetic and vinyl materials that are weather-resistant and easy to clean. We customize size, shape, graphics, and text so that you can carry your message any time that you are on the road.

If you want to make a long-term investment in your business, contact About Signs Limited for vehicle graphics today. Custom car decals and graphics are affordable while offering a long return on investment with more brand penetration and recognition in your community. Talk to us now to start designing vehicle graphics with the leading commercial signage team in Southwestern Ontario.