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Boat Decals And Wraps

Own a boat? Why not do something that will differentiate your boats from the others? Placing dazzling boat graphics that reflect your personality will ensure that your boat stands out from the crowd. About Signs can add boat lettering and boat decals that will make your vehicle look amazing and help it to stand out in the marina.

Boat Registration Numbers And Lettering

At the very least, every boat owner is required by Canadian law to have their boat registration ID clearly visible on both sides of the bow. About Signs will work with you to ensure that your registration numbers meet regulatory guidelines.

Most boat owners like to give their boats creative names as well. About Signs can design suitable lettering to let you proudly display your vessel’s name. All of our easy-to-apply lettering, numbering and graphics for boats is designed to withstand the elements whether it be the water that is constantly splashing against the sides of your boat or the summer sun that is beating down on it. No one wants to have boat graphics that are worn and faded looking – but you can rest assured that our quality materials will look great season after season.

Promote Your Fishing Business

If you live in and around Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington or Guelph, fishing country is never that far away. Advertise your fishing business with your business name and specialty (trout fishing, salmon fishing, etc.) with boat graphics that stand out.

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Whether you are looking to spruce up the look of your boat through decals or with a boat graphics wrap; through fun and whimsical graphics; or through a classic and elegant design, the team at About Signs can help. Speak with a member of our team today to discuss your vision and let us help you make that vision a reality.