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Car Graphics – Car Advertising with Wraps and Decals

Car graphics and car advertising, including custom car stickers (decals) and wraps, are a great way to market your business.

About Signs Limited will transform your car into a work of art by expertly applying custom auto decals that seamlessly integrate with the underlying paint job. Our car signs and stickers can be customized to depict your company logo and slogan, as well as key information, like your phone number and website.

Our car stickers and car signs are designed to be unique for your business and your brand. Learn about car wrap costs, custom car advertising, car decals, and more with About Signs Limited, and get your obligation-free estimate today.


Decals, Signs, and Car Wrap Costs

Car wrap costs, decal costs, and car signage costs vary depending on the size of the graphics and complexity of the design. When developing a quote for car wrap costs or any kind of car advertising, we will take all of these factors into consideration.

The best way to determine accurate car wrap costs is to contact us today. We offer no-obligation estimates for car wrap costs and all of our custom car advertising services.

Simply click the link below to learn about car wrap costs and get more information today.

What are Car Graphics?

Car graphics are images and letters applied directly to a vehicle. When done professionally, these images appear to be a part of the vehicle’s body, rather than an overlaid layer.

Some vehicle wraps and stickers cover the full body of the vehicle, and may even be placed over windows without obstructing the view from within.

Other graphics, like medium-sized car stickers, will cover only a small portion of the vehicle.

What are Custom Car Stickers Made From?

Car decals and custom car stickers are made from high-quality automotive vinyl. The vinyl is adhesive-backed and safe for use on auto paint that is in good condition.

Custom car stickers can be made from solid colours (for lettering) or they can be printed with text and graphics for impressive and eye-catching car advertising on the road. There are no restrictions on the designs you can use for custom car stickers. From flashy and bold to elegant and understated, we will bring your concept to life.

For the best looking custom car stickers, contact the team at About Signs Limited.

Types of Car Graphics – Car Signs and More

Car graphics is a term that covers several types of designs and application methods. Car signs and car graphics can be broken down into two main categories. These are car decals, and vehicle wraps.

If you’re looking for the most effective way to market your business while on the road, or when your cars are parked outside of your premises, car signs are the perfect place to start.

The vast customization options allow you to get car signs that perfectly reflect your existing brand, right down to your colours and existing graphic assets.

Car Decals

Car decals are car signs applied to the exterior of a vehicle. These decals most often display a logo or business name, though additional text and images can be used.

A vehicle can be decorated with one or more car stickers, depending on your design preference. You can see some examples of custom car decals in our gallery below.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are larger and more detailed than auto decals. Auto wraps can cover multiple dimensions of a vehicle, starting on the passenger side, passing over the roof, and continuing onto the driver’s side. Auto wraps can also cover passenger and rear windows without obstructing the view from inside the vehicle.

You can learn more about full and partial vehicle wraps here. Vehicle wraps can even cover windows without compromising visibility, thanks to the use of micro-perforated vinyl.

The Benefits of Car Wraps and Auto Decals

Car graphics and vehicle wraps are versatile forms of advertising. Decorating your vehicle with decals depicting your brand name and logo promotes awareness wherever your vehicle happens to be. Depending on how often your car is on the road, this can mean a lot of places, and a lot of eyes, and if you get a ceramic car coating to protect the graphics, you will be able to raise awareness of your brand for many years to come.

Unlike stationary billboards, which are rented on a monthly basis, auto wraps and stickers require a one-time investment and let you retain ownership for as long as you have the car. And if you want to trade your vehicle the auto stickers and wraps can easily be removed without damaging the underlying paint.

In fact, using vehicle decals can even help protect a car’s original paint job from scrapes, chips, and scratches. This combination of cost-effectiveness, reach, versatility and longevity, make car stickers and wraps a great way to promote any business or event.

Who Uses Car Graphics and Car Decals?

Any business looking to generate brand awareness will benefit from custom car stickers or auto wraps. The only prerequisite is having a car onto which the graphics can be applied.

If your business uses trucks or trailers instead of or in addition to cars, you can get auto decals and wraps for them as well.

Car decals and auto wraps are especially useful to companies that provide in-home services, like housekeeping or personal care, because the cars will be seen by neighbours in an on-the-job setting.

But more traditional businesses, like shops and restaurants, will also benefit from car advertising, even if they possess only a single car. Given the cost-effective nature of auto decals and wraps, it doesn’t take a fleet of cars or hundreds of hours on the road for these graphics to generate interest in a business.

Car graphics can also be used by individuals who just want to add a custom aesthetic to their car.


Get the Most Effective Car Advertising from About Signs Limited

About Signs provides car decals and wraps for Toronto, Oakville, and throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Whether you’re in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, or even Niagara, we will create attractive car decals for the most effective car advertising. You can grow your brand, engage with your market, and gain thousands of impressions every day.

The best car graphics and defect-free custom car stickers are right here at About Signs Limited. Contact us today for your quote.