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Magnetic Signs

Magnet Signs for your Car or Truck

Choose when you want to advertise on your car or truck with our custom made magnetic signs. Magnetic signs can easily be added or removed from your vehicle at any time. Magnet signs are ideal for car doors, back panels and the hoods of your car.

Construction and Trade Signs

With our affordable car door magnets, your work truck becomes a testimonial to your craft at every job site you visit. Put your name and web address and business motto on one magnet to create a mobile ad that will be seen by hundreds of people every day. When you are a tradesman, you are constantly on the road, and magnets for your vehicle are a great way to promote your painting, plumbing or electric skills across the GTA, Halton or Hamilton.

Work from Home Advertising

A lot of businesses start from the garage, kitchen table, or den, meaning you are unable to use a storefront sign. With magnetic vehicle signs, you can transform your car into a powerful marketing tool. Grow your cleaning service, tax return, pet grooming, or other small business service by placing a magnetic sign on your vehicle that lists your services and web address. No matter where you drive, someone will see your ad, and when it’s time to take the kids on a family vacation, removing the magnetic sign is easy. An example of such is Soulfull Strummin below. Typically you’ll see guitar lessons advertisements on a grocery store corkboard, or stapled to an outside wooden street light. Vehicle signs get much more exposure, and expand your business’s availability across the city or town, rather than centered in one little location.

Beauty, Spa and Massage

Car magnets are a wonderful way to reach new clients for spas, salons and beauty parlours as many people are often stressed while driving. A car magnet reminds them that they need to be good to themselves or treat someone else, and make them aware of your business.

Contact About Signs and Get Your Business a Magnetic Sign

At About Signs, we have over 20 years’ experience in the signage industry and we have helped many other business owners throughout the GTA, Halton and Hamilton areas turn their vehicles into mobile advertisements. Let us help you too. Contact us today for a consultation.