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Trailer Signs

Trailer graphics let you turn something functional – your trailer – into a great marketing tool. By showcasing your business name, logo and important information, you can draw eyes and earn customers spontaneously or through word of mouth.

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About Signs creates trailer graphics for clients across numerous industries. We provide simple lettering, intricate graphics and full trailer wraps. Whether you want an existing image turned into a decal or would like to have us create an original design, we’re happy to help turn your trailer into a mobile advertisement.

To receive a free no obligation quote, click the button below. We’ll answer your questions and provide an estimate for the cost of your project.

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In the meantime, consider our top tips for trailer graphics:

  • Use letters that are at least three inches tall
  • Use a high contrast colour scheme for the body of a vehicle; white tends to work best on windows
  • Include your slogan and other essential information
  • Keeping it simple is never a bad idea; make sure your letters are easy to read and deliver a clear message
  • Use reflective web decals for 24-7 exposure
  • Make it pretty; use design elements to make your trailer stand out

What are trailer graphics?

Trailer graphics are letters and images applied to the exterior of a trailer. Made from vinyl wrap or adhesive decals, trailer signs often include a company’s name, logo and important information (website, address, phone number, etc.). Trailer signs may also feature products and slogans – whatever you want to include can be incorporated into the design.

Types of trailer signs

Trailers provide a large canvas on which to advertise your company. Sometimes you’ll want to make use of every inch, but other times small and simple looks best. In most cases, the way you mix together letters and images, and the general concept of your trailer graphics and wraps, will come down to taste. Here are some options to consider.

Trailer lettering

Trailer lettering can be used to display a business’ name, slogan and contact information. This can be done using simple letters or unique, eye-catching fonts and colours. This type of lettering uses auto decals to securely affix the text to the trailer. The letters will remain adhesive for a long time, but can easily be removed if desired. Take a look at some examples of trailer lettering we’ve created for clients in the past.

Image graphics

A memorable and innovative logo can really nab people’s attention. So why not affix a digitally printed logo to your trailer? This type of auto decal can be used independently or in conjunction with trailer lettering. Here are some examples of a logo and lettering together.

Trailer wraps

Full and partial trailer wraps are an especially noticeable form of trailer advertising. When you have a large trailer splashed with unique images and a branded colour scheme, it really jumps out. About Signs will create a gorgeous a trailer wrap that gives your brand name and logo some serious visual support. Take a look at some of the trailer wraps we’ve completed here.

The benefits of trailer signs

Graphics, like your brand name or logo, immediately turn your trailers into mobile billboards. If your trailer is parked in one place for and extended period, the same group of individuals are likely to pass by on a regular basis, each time becoming more and more familiar with your brand. If your trailer is on the move, you’ll be able to make a first impression on as many people as you pass on the road. Trailers are an especially great canvas for mobile advertisements because they offer an expansive surface that can accommodate lots of crucial information.

But trailer signs go beyond functioning as an advertisement; they’re also a mobile calling card. When an interested person spots your vehicle on the road they need only take a quick photo to get your website address and phone number.

The benefits offered by trailer graphics are more important now than ever. Consider the declining effectiveness of conventional advertising mediums – newspaper readership continues to dwindle and more and more Canadians and cutting the cord on cable. Meanwhile, vehicle graphics, including trailer graphics, have remained effective since the time wagons were the primary mode of transportation.

Another important benefit of trailer signs is that they require a one-time fee that covers you for as long as your trailer is on the road. Whereas you pay monthly rental fees to advertise on a billboard, your ad stays on your trailer for as long as you want.

Who uses trailer signs?

If your company ships freight or provides in-home services that require trailers to transport equipment, trailer graphics are almost a must. That’s also the case for companies that operate directly out of their trailer, such as food trucks. After all, customers are going to be much more interested in a food truck displaying images of its delicious wares, rather than one that’s a joyless white box.

Using trailer signs as a method of advertising is especially useful for companies that require trailers to be out and about, since fewer eyes will see them if they’re sitting on the lot.

If your company uses trucks rather than trailers, you can still obtain the benefits of auto letters and graphics – click here to learn more. We also provide graphics and lettering for cars.

Where About Signs provides trailer signs

We’re based in Oakville. If you’re nearby – Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Grimsby, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Milton or Mississauga – we’ll provide trailer wraps and lettering for your business. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Trailer graphics gallery

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Full Wrap Trailer Graphics-Hickory+Dickoy+Decks+Hamilton 1
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Full Wrap Trailer Graphics-IQ+Environmental-Hamilton
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Full Wrap Trailer Graphics-Hickory+Dickoy+Decks+Hamilton 1Full Wrap Trailer Graphics-Garden+Grove-Hamilton 1Full Wrap Trailer Graphics-IQ+Environmental-HamiltonTrailer Wrap+rv Wrap+vehicle Wrap Graphics