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Trailer Wraps for Effective Mobile Advertising

If you frequently tow a trailer to work sites, operate a commercial trailer fleet, or if you have a unique business like a food truck or mobile retail station, you can boost your marketing with trailer wraps from About Signs Limited.

Our wraps are expertly designed to maximize the visibility of your trailer while increasing brand recognition. If you searched for, “enclosed trailer wraps near me” and found our page, we welcome you to contact us and begin the design process today.

You can get free quotes for trailer wraps, including enclosed trailer wraps, and a detailed consultation. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and design the best advertising solutions to suit them.


Take Your Promotion on the Road with Custom Trailer Wraps

Your commercial vehicles and trailers can effectively deliver your advertising message with custom trailer wraps.

Trailer wraps are full or partial vehicle wraps for installation on large commercial vehicles, long-haul trailers, and enclosed commercial trailers of any size. Our wraps are made from the highest quality vinyl designed specifically for signage applications. They are full-colour prints that are UV stable, resistant to rain and dirt, and ready to last for years when professionally designed and installed. You’ve had some success with advertising, and you want to take things to the next level with mobile branding. You can get defect-free enclosed trailer wraps from About Signs Limited.

  • Fully enclosed trailer wraps cover the entirety of the trailer to fully transform its appearance.
  • Partial wraps typically cover half of the trailer with your brand and marketing assets.

Durable Materials for Impressive and Clear Branding

Vehicle letters and decals are ideal for promoting your company name, essential contact details, and even your brand logo.

However, when you have more space to work with on an enclosed trailer, large hauler, or another commercial vehicle, you’ll get better value from enclosed trailer wraps. Our trailer wraps are made from the most durable vinyl that can be adhered directly to the surface of your trailer or truck.

Each section is precision-cut to fit every corner, crevice, and contour. We professionally install all our trailer wraps in-house, ensuring you get the quality and long return on investment that you demand. Our high-resolution printing ensures that you can incorporate everything from text and vector graphics, right through to full-colour professional images of products and more.

Our durable vinyl trailer wraps help to protect any enclosed trailer from scuffs, scrapes, and chips. Enclosed trailer wraps can even be used for leased trailers and vehicles because they won’t cause damage or leave any residue when removed.

Getting Started With Enclosed Trailer Wraps Near Me

We offer no-obligation quotes throughout Southwestern Ontario. The cost of trailer wraps varies depending on the complexity of the design, the size of the wrap, and the number of vehicles that you want to convert into effective mobile marketing assets. We can use your existing lettering, images, and logos for enclosed trailer wraps.

If you prefer, we can start from the ground up and help you to develop your brand with a fully customized design that reflects your values and the products or services that you offer. Our clients include trailer hire companies, food truck operators, hospitality businesses, retailers, delivery companies, trade professionals like plumbers and general contractors, and a diverse range of other businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario.

Leverage the potential of a single trailer or entire fleet. Contact About Signs Limited today and start designing trailer wraps that take your business on the road for maximum exposure and brand growth. If you searched for “enclosed trailer wraps near me” and can visit our Oakville offices from your location, we would be happy to discuss your trailer wrap installation with you.

Cost Advantages with Trailer Wraps

Trailer wraps can be responsible for tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of impressions every day. If your trailers are frequently around Toronto, Mississauga, or elsewhere in the GTA, the potential for brand exposure will be immense. Even if you’re in a smaller region in Southwestern Ontario, you’ll get your company name and images in front of your market every day.

If you want to maximize your advertising spend, enclosed trailer wraps will provide significant advantages:

  • Trailer wraps are more affordable than custom paintwork.
  • You can install and remove wraps as your advertising needs change.
  • Half wraps are suitable for temporary marketing campaigns, allowing you to minimize costs.
  • Wraps protect your investment in commercial enclosed trailers. If you want to sell your fleet, you can remove the branded wraps to increase desirability for the buyer.

The benefits of trailer wraps are simply too vast to ignore. If you want to engage with your audience in a meaningful way, it’s time to explore your options with About Signs Limited. We offer free quotes and detailed consultations. Let us help you to make your best marketing investment yet.

Many of our clients find that durable enclosed trailer wraps are more cost-effective and efficient than other forms of advertising. This is because you can:

  • Reach a huge potential market with your trailers that are frequently on the road.
  • Make use of trailers that park outside your business by turning them into billboards.
  • Create a positive impression and garner trust with wraps that show your attention to detail and willingness to engage with your audience.