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Truck Graphics: Lettering and Wraps

Outfitting your truck with graphics – either images, letters or wraps – is a great way to get exposure for your brand.

Whether it’s a few well-placed auto decals or a full vinyl vehicle wrap, custom graphics are an effective form of truck advertising.


What Do Custom Truck Graphics Cost?

Truck signs like custom truck decals and vehicle wraps provide ongoing benefits for a single one-time payment. The cost of truck graphics varies from project to project, depending on factors like the size of the graphics applied and the materials used. Truck signs are cost-efficient when considering the ability to market your brand effectively.

If you’d like to know the cost of applying graphics to your truck, or the cost of having About Signs design custom truck decals images, you can simply click below to request a free quote.

What are Truck Graphics?

You’ve no doubt seen company vehicles driving around near you, whether it was a semi emblazoned with the Tim Hortons logo or a local landscaper’s van. We all see these vehicles with truck signs when we’re on the road. And we all notice them.

These vehicles are using truck graphics to grab our attention. Though the images may appear painted on, the truck signs are most likely auto decals or vehicle wraps. In either case, these graphics are expertly applied to prevent peeling, bubbling, and damage from inclement weather. Vinyl truck signs can even outlast a new paint job.

Truck signs can even enhance safety. Because your vehicle will be more visible, there will be less chance of an accident occurring.

Types Of Truck Signs and Graphics

Truck signs use different types of graphics. These include lettering, images, and full or partial vehicle wraps.

In each case, these truck signs will be applied to the exterior of the vehicle, drawing attention to important branding elements, like a company name, logo, or website.

Truck lettering

Truck lettering is one of the most basic forms of truck signs, but it’s still highly effective. These auto decals display words on the exterior of the truck, which almost always include the company name.

Truck signs with lettering may also include the company slogan, or present contact information, like a phone number or email. You can see some examples of truck lettering graphics right here on our page.

If you want affordable truck signs using lettering, you can start by getting your free quote from our team today.

Truck image graphics

This type of truck advertising uses images to promote a business. Usually, this will include an auto decal that showcases the company logo. Additional decals may show representations of the company’s products or services.

Image graphics can be used in conjunction with truck lettering to combine words and pictures. Browse our examples of truck signs and start the consultation process today.

Truck wraps

A truck wrap is a single comprehensive graphic that is wrapped around all or part of the body of a vehicle. They can be colourful and may contain both images and letters. Truck wraps can be applied over both the shell and windows of the truck.

Truck wraps are the most noticeable type of truck graphic because they are both the largest and (usually) the most intricately designed. Truck wraps are basically billboards that are folded around the exterior of a truck. See some examples below.

The benefits of truck graphics

Truck graphics are a cost-efficient way to advertise a business. Whereas traditional methods require ongoing payments for renewal – e.g. advertising online or on the radio – adding a logo to a truck is a one-time fee that generates ongoing interest. This is especially true when high-quality wraps and decals are installed by professionals; truck lettering, graphics, truck signs, and wraps are very durable and have extended longevity.

Another benefit of truck advertising is that the advertisements never turn off. Whereas a television commercial may last 30 seconds, people will see your name and logo whenever your trucks are on the road or parked somewhere visible. This combination of reach and cost-efficiency makes truck graphics an excellent medium for generating interest in your brand, products, or services. Once your graphics are applied, you’ll need to make sure your truck is running at its best by getting it serviced regularly.

It’s no secret that a well-maintained truck maximizes uptime and your profitability. For all your Commercial Truck Repair needs, make sure to pop into your nearest truck repair center.

Who uses truck advertising?

If you have a truck, you can use truck graphics to promote your business. Of course, there are a few factors that will determine how effective your truck signs will be.

Mobile businesses – e.g. delivery companies and companies that perform on-location services – tend to reap the most rewards. For example, landscapers and pool service providers commonly use truck advertising. This is because their trucks are on the road more than those owned by stationary businesses.

It also helps that they’re more likely to have multiple trucks. These fleet vehicles are important for mobile businesses, and having advertising on them can make them stand out. This ensures that all other road users notice the trucks and see what business they belong to. This is beneficial in many ways, especially since it should make truck drivers more responsible if the business is printed on the side of the truck.

If they’re driving dangerously, members of the public could report the vehicle, and companies could use fleet management software from Lytx to see who’s driving the vehicle and check whether they’re making any dangerous decisions.

This helps businesses to keep their drivers safe, whilst also making a good impression on potential customers. Companies that operate directly out of their trucks – e.g. food vendors – also benefit greatly, since truck lettering, graphics and wraps essentially comprise their storefronts.

That said, any company looking to advertise will benefit from using custom truck graphics.

Where About Signs provides custom truck graphics

About Signs has been providing custom truck graphics for more than two decades. We work with businesses in Oakville, Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, and Grimsby.

If you’re looking to turn your truck into an effective marketing asset, get in touch with us to receive a quote and discuss the details of your project.

Truck Decals for Effective Branding

Decals differ from full printed wraps with graphics and lettering cut from solid vinyl. Truck decals are an affordable solution for when you need to add branding to fleet vehicles or other company vehicles, such as sales rep vehicles, or executive vehicles.

Truck decals are impressive and memorable for anyone who sees them. Precision cut decals can be added to the side or rear windows, and with no background, they’re exceptionally clear and legible even in lowlight conditions. Custom Truck decals can also be opaque with a white background to create even more impact.

There are unlimited colour options and combinations for truck decals available. Opaque truck decals can be used on doors and all painted surfaces of your truck or commercial vehicle.

Start the design consultation process and get the best truck decals from About Signs Limited.

Do Truck Window Decals Cause Damage?

Truck window decals and body decals are designed to enhance the visual impact of your commercial vehicles while promoting your business with text and graphics. Body and truck window decals are applied with a semi-permanent adhesive that causes no damage when removed properly.

There are some exceptions, and we take steps to avoid these when manufacturing and applying truck window decals to your vehicle or vehicles.

Decals applied to damaged paint can cause further tear-off damage even when removed carefully. Truck decals should only be applied to a finish in good condition. We will inspect your vehicle before application.

Truck window decals can be removed from the glass carefully without leaving any residue behind.

Custom Printed Truck Logos for Impactful Mobile Advertising

Besides the business name, it’s the logo that is most recognizable. Truck logos need to be highly detailed, accurate in proportion and colour (to match your brand), and resilient for use out on the road.

We can print custom truck logos to be applied to windows or body panels, allowing you to quickly brand your commercial vehicles without causing any damage to the finish. Truck Logos can be precision-cut without a background, printed on opaque vinyl, or even printed on perforated vinyl to create a solid image from outside of the vehicle, without compromising visibility inside.

Perforated truck logos are visually impactful, and they can also add security. Commercial vehicles, particularly trade vehicles that store equipment and materials can sadly become targets of theft. Perforated truck logos stop people from seeing inside the vehicle, helping to prevent crimes of opportunity.

Are Truck Decals and Truck Stickers Different?

Truck decals are sometimes referred to as truck stickers, although there are differences depending on the context.

Truck stickers are often used to reference graphics sold to the public to decorate and customize their vehicles. Truck stickers are often mass-produced with popular images, logos, and lettering. In this context, stickers are quite different from the commercial truck decals that we offer.

Truck stickers produced for consumers often lack the high durability and UV resistance that our truck decals offer. Most notably, truck stickers often can’t be customized like our truck decals for businesses (depending on the vendor).

Whether you refer to them as truck decals or truck stickers, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll get durable solutions from About Signs Limited.

How Detailed do Truck Graphics Need to Be?

Your truck graphics can be as detailed or as simple as you want, although there are some important points to consider when you start designing with our expert team.

The most impactful truck graphics are sometimes the simplest ones. If you’re applying a decal to a single rear window, side window, or panel, consider a simple combination of truck graphics and text.

If you have a larger truck, van, or another commercial vehicle with plenty of window and panel space, then you can consider full graphic prints. Our vinyl wraps can cover almost the entirety of the vehicle, excluding the front window for safety reasons. Truck graphics can incorporate perforated vinyl for glass surfaces with opaque vinyl on the rest of the vehicle. You can transform any commercial vehicle into a mobile advertisement with our high-resolution truck graphics.

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