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Truck Graphics and Lettering

Trucks and trailers are becoming advertisement billboards for companies. When your trailer is parked for an extended period of time, it will grab the attention of individuals passing by and advertise your product or service, so when your truck is on the move, it will provide subtle advertising to others on the road.

Create a Positive Impression with Truck Lettering & Graphics

Trucks are a great place to advertise because of their large surface area you can cover. Truck lettering and graphics are a cost effective way of attaining high exposure because they will receive constant attention. Professional Truck wraps will make a memorable impression. Make use of your truck space today and find a wrap that suits your business needs.

People notice truck advertising almost instantly. Painting companies, landscaping companies and renovation or roofing companies can all benefit from truck lettering. Competition in these industries is tough, and truck lettering shows potential customers that you are invested in your company and proud of the business you have built.

While some people heavily research the internet on reviews of contractors, and others ask neighbours and family, there are other people who call the companies that are on their mind when they need the work done. A service vehicle with vehicle lettering or graphics instantly puts your services in front of hundreds of people every day you are out on the road, and as such, putting your services on their mind.

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Don’t let the space on the sides of your company’s trucks and trailers go wasted! This is prime real estate for promoting your business. At About Signs, we have over 20 years’ experience in the signage industry. Call us today to speak with a member of our team about how you can turn your vehicles into marketing tools.