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Truck Wraps in Toronto Bring More Impressions to Your Brand

Imagine having the freedom to market your brand on the road, gaining millions of impressions every week. Most would assume that this could only be achieved with billboard advertising, but there’s an alternative that could be more effective in many cases. Truck wraps in Toronto allow you to turn your truck or an entire fleet into mobile advertising assets.

With custom truck wraps in Toronto, you will have few limitations on how and where you can market your brand. About Signs Limited is ready to help you get cost-efficient advertising that also comes with practical benefits. Discover the advantages of truck wraps in Toronto and get your free quote now.

Tim Hortons Logo Truck Wrap
What are Toronto Truck Wraps?

Toronto truck wraps are vinyl vehicle wraps that can cover all or some parts of a truck. Professionally installed Toronto truck wraps can transform the appearance of your truck or trucks, adding branding, images, text, and any type of design that you’re looking for. You can fully customize Toronto truck wraps to suit your needs, adding a level of personalization that isn’t possible with simple decals or magnet signs.

You can use Toronto truck wraps to increase engagement and get your brand seen by more people. Toronto truck wraps also add a level of professionalism by ensuring that your trucks are company branded and consistent across the fleet.

About Signs Limited has more than 20 years of experience in commercial signage and is the best team to design and install your Toronto truck wraps for semis, pickups, box trucks, vans, and other commercial vehicles. You can get your free quote today and begin the consultation process to learn just how impressive full truck wraps in Toronto can be.

What are the Advantages of Installing a Truck Wrap in Toronto?

There are a range of advantages when choosing a truck wrap in Toronto. From marketing benefits to protecting the truck, these advantages add value to your decision.

Keep the following in mind when considering a truck wrap in Toronto:

  • The vinyl used to install a truck wrap in Toronto is high quality and made to last. Resistant to the weather and UV lights, truck wraps can last five to seven years depending on how often the truck is used and where it is driven.
  • Installing full truck wraps in Toronto can provide protection for the finish of the truck, without causing damage. When it’s time to remove or replace a Toronto truck wrap, the paint underneath will be in the exact condition that it was before the wrap went on.
  • A truck wrap in Toronto is fully customizable, right down to how big you want the wrap to be. Full truck wraps in Toronto cover all the body panels, while a partial truck wrap in Toronto can cover half, or just as much as you need to display your marketing concept.
  • The quality of the installation matters, which is why it’s important to choose a company that has experience making the best partial and full truck wraps in Toronto. About Signs Limited has produced the best commercial signage for more than two decades. We use the best automotive vinyl, can digitally print truck wraps, and we install wraps with precision, expertly trimming around all panels and gaps for a flawless aesthetic and durability.
  • Installing a truck wrap in Toronto allows you to advertise locally or anywhere that you go. This is ideal for service-based companies and trucking firms. Food truck companies can also benefit from full truck wraps in Toronto. Adding a truck wrap in Toronto to a food truck or other service vehicle can create brand familiarity, which ultimately can result in more leads and sales.

Most importantly, because trucks are on the road, there’s more opportunities for impressions than there would be with static advertising on billboards. A truck wrap in Toronto is a cost-efficient investment that can continue to provide returns for years to come.

Deciding Between Partial and Full Truck Wraps in Toronto

The choice of getting partial or full truck wraps in Toronto will depend entirely upon your needs and to some extent your budget. Full wraps cost more although the price difference usually isn’t the main factor.

The biggest point of difference will be the overall aesthetic that you’re looking for. Service vehicles including food trucks, plumber trucks, contractor trucks, etc. can all benefit heavily from full truck wraps in Toronto where vibrant and memorable advertising is necessary. Trucks that pull trailers can typically benefit from partial wraps, while vans and other commercial vehicles can often benefit from a combination of partial wraps and decals for branding and company information.

There is no rule here. During your consultation, we will take the time to learn about your needs and will recommend the best option based on your preferred aesthetic and the information you want to convey with the wrap.

It’s time to see how truck wraps in Toronto could elevate your marketing strategy. Start with your free quote from About Signs Limited and enjoy our turnkey truck wrapping service.