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Truck Wraps For Mobile Branding

Whether you have a single commercial vehicle that lacks branding, or if you want to maximize the advertising potential of your entire fleet, About Signs Limited is standing by with premium truck wraps to get you noticed.

Complete truck wraps attract attention day or night, ensuring that your brand gets maximum exposure during every journey.

We offer customized truck wraps and truck lettering to help you raise your brand profile and grow your business organically. Choose partial or full truck wraps for a dramatic and memorable presence on the road.

You can personalize your commercial trucks with graphics that reflect your brand and its values. Your free quote is available with About Signs Limited today.


Truck Vinyl Wraps are Made to Last

Every one of our custom truck vinyl wraps is made from high-quality material that remains bright and vibrant, even with years of exposure to the elements. Our vinyl wraps are UV resistant, and they maintain their integrity and shape even with temperature changes. All partial and full truck wraps are precision cut to the shape of your vehicle to prevent peeling and deterioration at the edges.

Truck vinyl wraps are safe for your commercial vehicles and won’t damage paint that’s in good condition. In fact, truck vinyl wraps can help to protect your vehicles by creating a protective barrier for the finish. Vinyl wraps can prevent scuffs and scrapes on paint, damage from stone chips, and discolouration from intense sunlight.

When you know that you’re helping to protect your fleet while also maximizing brand visibility, the value of the investment in truck vinyl wraps only increases.

What Types of Businesses Use Custom Truck Wrap Designs?

Our custom truck wrap designs are ideal for any business that needs to maximize its presence in the community.

Trade services make excellent use of full truck wraps. Plumbing companies, construction firms, independent contractors, electricians, and many other trade professionals and companies use our custom truck wrap designs.

Wraps can also promote healthcare providers, law firms, sports clubs and schools, universities, and other tertiary education providers.

Any local business looking to advertise can use full vehicle wraps. A furniture company that often makes deliveries can maximize each trip with custom truck wrap designs. Retail stores can use vinyl wrapped vehicles to promote the brand whenever staff members are out on the road.

The potential is limitless and there’s no restriction on which companies should use our custom wraps. If you want a cost-effective way to get noticed, outperform your competition, and raise your bottom line, it’s time to talk to us.

About Signs Produces the Best Truck Wraps in Southwestern Ontario

From the design concept to production and application, we are the best signage company for your custom truck wraps in Southwestern Ontario. We serve the greater Toronto area and nearby locations including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, and Grimsby.

If your business is nearby and you’re ready to get started, contact our helpful design team today. With a no-obligation quote, you’ll be on your way to making your best marketing investment yet.

What are Truck Wraps?

Truck wraps are precision cut vinyl graphics that are applied over your vehicle’s body panels and front and rear windows. You can effectively turn any commercial truck into a mobile billboard that promotes your brand, contact details, and any other information that you want to convey.

Truck wraps are a long-term investment that provides an excellent return. Unlike some forms of advertising like digital media and even traditional print, radio, or television advertising, truck wraps attract only a single upfront fee. From there, you take your message on the road anywhere that your commercial vehicles go.

Truck wraps go beyond window or body decals and magnetic vehicle signs. They can completely transform the look of your truck or trucks. They are safe for vehicle finishes and glass, and they are durable for all weather conditions.
We can design and apply two types of truck wraps, depending on your needs:

We customize our wraps for trucks, SUVs, vans, and other commercial vehicles. Contact us today and learn how you can get a better return on your advertising investment with our custom truck wrap designs.

We can design and install two types of truck wraps, depending on your needs:

  • Partial Truck Wraps –These are designed to cover one large section of a vehicle. Partial wraps could cover the back half of a truck, run diagonally along the length of the vehicle, or cover a large section like the center of a commercial truck or van. How much you cover is entirely up to you. If you only need to cover a small section with a simple logo and wording, you can consider our truck graphics services instead.
  • Full Truck Wraps – As the name suggests, full wraps cover most of the vehicle. Full wraps are typically applied to most of each side and the rear of the vehicle. This includes rear windows and all door panels. Full truck wraps allow for a cohesive high-impact message, which can be compared to a traveling billboard. You can make a more significant impression and include more information with full truck wraps.

Whether you choose partial or full truck wraps, you will enjoy our detailed design process and the attention to detail in the installation. Our wraps are made to last, giving you more visibility and brand recognition on the road. The durability of our full truck wraps ensures an excellent return on your investment.

Caring for Full Truck Wraps

Our full truck wraps are designed to resist dirt and the elements. Most full truck wraps and partial wraps will last between five and seven years with regular cleaning.

While you might be tempted to pressure wash full truck wraps, this can damage the material and result in early life peeling and deterioration. The traditional method of using one bucket of soapy water, a bucket of clean water, and a sponge is all that you need. Simply wash the entire truck using the sponge and soapy water, and then clean off the residue with clean water and a sponge.

Most waterless automotive cleaning products are also safe to use. Just be sure to check the product labeling for compatibility with full truck wraps or vinyl wraps.

Truck Lettering vs Truck Wraps

Vinyl truck lettering is useful for adding a company name and logo, contact details, and other minor information to your commercial vehicles. However, simple cut out truck lettering will never be as impactful or as effective as custom wrap truck designs.

Custom truck wrap designs can incorporate bold lettering, but they add so much more. You can customize colours to match your branding, without having to respray your fleet. This can reduce your procurement costs when buying basic-configuration commercial vehicles in bulk.

With custom truck wrap designs, you can include highly detailed images to better reflect your company and what it provides. In addition to your logo and brand name, you could add product images, partner brands, or anything else that helps you to convey your message.

Get A Free Truck Wraps Quote Today

Our team provides a turnkey service for partial and full truck wraps in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas. We’ll take you from concept to completion, making every step simple and stress-free. You can come to us with a design in mind, or we’ll work from the ground up based on your brief and requirements.

For the most durable partial and full truck wraps, you can trust the experienced team at About Signs Limited. Get a free quote with no risk and let us show you how you can take your branding on the road.