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Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps

Custom vehicle wraps are used to display text and images, completely transforming the appearance of a car, truck, van, or trailer.

Custom wraps are most often used for commercial purposes, as a means of converting vehicles into mobile advertisements.


How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Vehicle with Custom Wraps?

The price of an auto wrap depends on several factors, like the type of vehicle and the size of the wrap. Partial wraps are typically more affordable than full vehicle wraps (also referred to as full wraps), but don’t have the same level of visual impact. The right one for you depends on your needs and your budget.

If you’re looking to transform a vehicle into an eye-catching marketing asset, get in touch with us to discuss your ideas for custom wraps and get your free quote.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap, whether it’s partial wrap or a full vehicle wrap, is essentially a sign that overlays a car, truck, van, or trailer. Wraps are like auto decals, but with one major distinction. Whereas different decals are applied as individual stickers, an auto wrap is a single piece of vinyl that is stretched over a significant or the entire portion of the vehicle.

Auto wraps are primarily used for the same purpose as auto stickers – advertising. But because they are a single sheet of vinyl, and are generally larger, they permit a more detailed design. As a result, vehicle wraps are usually the most noticeable auto graphics a company can use.

Types of vehicle wraps

The appearance of a vehicle wrap depends on its design. Wraps are essentially large images so the variation between them is virtually unlimited.

Beyond the content of the image itself, there are two main types of auto wraps: partial wraps and full wraps. You can explore the differences between different types of custom wraps to get an idea of what best suits your needs.

Partial vehicle wraps

As the name suggests, this type of auto wrap covers only part of a vehicle, albeit a significant portion. Whereas an auto decal might span the driver’s side door, a partial auto wrap may cover the entire back half of a vehicle, including the passenger and rear windows.

You can get a sense of the size and style of partial vehicle wraps by viewing the examples below.

Full vehicle wraps (Full Wraps)

Full vehicle wraps or full wraps completely cover a vehicle. This allows custom wraps to display extensive images and fonts – especially if you have a large vehicle, like a commercial trailer.

Full vehicle wraps or full wraps can protect the paint of the vehicle while completely changing the aesthetic. Just like all custom wraps, full vehicle wraps are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with soap and water.

But otherwise, full vehicle wraps, or full wraps are exactly like partial wraps; one piece of vinyl stretched over the exterior of the vehicle, which may include the side and back windows. Look at some examples of fully wrapped vehicles in our gallery and imagine how your commercial vehicles could look with custom wraps.

Custom Truck Wraps

Custom truck wraps can be designed for large commercial vehicles. We can make and install custom truck wraps for semi-trucks, box trucks, pickups, and other commercial trucks. You could even use custom truck wraps for specialist trucks like food trucks.

Our custom truck wraps are made to the same high standards as all our vehicle wraps, and if you’re looking for a quote on a larger vehicle, we’re ready to help you find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Custom truck wraps can include special details like compliance numbers or fleet registration numbers for scanning in a fleet management app. Trucks can feature full wraps or partial wraps, depending on preference.

The benefits of auto wraps

Auto wraps like partial wraps and full vehicle wraps generally provide the same benefits as other types of vehicle signs. Primarily, custom wraps are great for brand exposure. For a one-time fee (the cost of designing, printing, and applying) you can advertise your business in perpetuity.

Each time someone passes your vehicle with custom wraps, they’ll see your company name, logo, and information. And like other types of auto signs, vehicle wraps are durable and long-lasting. But car wraps provide additional benefits that auto stickers can’t. For instance, because they cover a large portion (or all) of your vehicle, auto wraps open more space to promote your business. This makes them the ideal choice for displaying images that are more complex than your logo.

Additionally, vehicle wraps including partial wraps and full vehicle wraps seamlessly span doors and windows without obstructing mobility or hampering your view. This permits even further artistic license during the design phase. There truly are very few limitations to what an auto wrap can display.

When Should You Use a Partial Van Wrap?

Commercial vans are ideal for wraps that promote your business. If your fleet is without wraps today, you are missing out on an amazing marketing opportunity. If cost is a concern, you can choose a partial van wrap rather than a full car wrap. Our partial wraps can cover half or even a significant portion of your commercial vans. Partial wraps allow for bold advertising with full–colour images and text.

You can include your logo, any of your marketing assets, and contact details like phone numbers, email addresses, your website, or anything else that you want to communicate to your market. Partial van wraps should be chosen at any time that you want impactful marketing but don’t need to cover the entire vehicle. Our partial van wraps can also offer security by covering rear van windows with perforated vinyl.

Window wraps appear opaque from outside of the vehicle, keeping your valuable equipment or products out of sight. You can get a free partial van wrap quote from About Signs Limited today.

When Should You use Half Wrap Car Graphics?

Just like vans, your cars can be wrapped with custom branding and graphics to promote your business. You can use half wrap car vinyl to reduce the cost compared to a full wrap, without compromising the visibility of your company name and graphics.

Half wrap car graphics (also called partial wraps) help to transform plain and unimpressive commercial vehicles into fully branded mobile advertisements. You can use half wrap car vinyl for executive vehicles, sales rep vehicles, delivery vehicles, and all types of commercial cars that you have in your fleet.
If you offer company cars as staff perks, adding half car wraps could increase brand visibility.

The return on investment you can gain from half wrap car vinyl is significant. In some cases, you can get all the benefits you need from partial wraps, without having to go all the way with full vehicle wraps. Talk to us today for your free estimate. Every wrap we produce is professionally applied by expert technicians and guaranteed to be free of defects.

Do Vehicle Wraps Damage Paint and Windows?

Vinyl vehicle wraps are safe to use on vehicles and leave no adhesive residue or paint damage when they are removed. If your commercial vehicles are in good condition and free of paint flaking or deterioration, you can have confidence knowing that vehicle wraps are safe. This is true when looking at partial wraps, full vehicle wraps, or even vinyl decals and stickers.

Partial wraps and full vehicle wraps can even help to protect your commercial fleet. Our vinyl wraps will protect finishes from scuffs, scratches, and UV damage. All our vinyl wraps are UV-stable and will provide years of protection from the sun and other elements. Vehicle wraps remain vibrant and legible for years, with most lasting up to seven years and longer in many cases.

About Signs provides vehicle wraps for Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton…

About Sign provides full and partial vehicle wraps for cities in and around the GTA. This includes vehicle wraps for Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, and Grimsby.

If you’d like to know more about our auto wrapping services, contact us to receive a quote.


Cool Car Wraps for Commercial Vehicles

If your company vehicles are frequently on the road, you can leverage them to become mobile advertisements for your business. Cool car wraps put your business and your brand out on the road so that you can increase your marketing penetration.

You have plenty of options available when choosing cool car wraps from About Signs Limited.

Cool car wraps make your vehicles look exciting. Most importantly, they get your marketing message across. It’s time to get your business noticed with car wraps from About Signs Limited.

You have plenty of options available when choosing cool car wraps:

  • Solid colours are ideal for when you want consistent branding but don’t want your cool car wraps to appear too ‘busy’ in terms of design.
  • Metallic vinyl wraps increase reflectivity to catch light in the day or night, making your cars stand out from others on the road. This can attract attention to your brand.
  • Multi-coloured wraps are ideal when you want commercial vehicles that stand out from others on the road. If your brand image incorporates several bold colours, we can create vehicle wraps that are consistent with your other marketing materials.
  • Full graphic prints are available for cool car wraps. Your logo, product images, and more can be added to your commercial vehicle fleet.
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