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Vehicle Wraps in Toronto

Vehicle Wraps in Toronto

Vehicle Wraps in Toronto FAQ: Your Most Important Questions Answered

With the best vehicle wraps in Toronto, you can bring customization and a unique look and feel to your vehicles. Suited to commercial vehicles, private vehicles, and even vehicles used by schools and government offices, vehicle wraps in Toronto are relatively affordable when considering their durability.

If you’re considering custom wraps, whether that be full wraps or partial wraps, you probably have a few questions in mind. Here are some of the most common and most important questions, with our expert answers.

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How Long Do Vehicle Wraps in Toronto Last?

Our team uses the highest quality automotive vinyl for vehicle wraps in Toronto. Generally, full wraps and partial wraps will last at least five years, although most last up to seven years, and sometimes longer.

For cars that aren’t frequently on the road, and that are kept in covered parking, or a garage, full wraps and partial wraps will see maximum durability. For cars that are frequently on the road and exposed to dirt, moisture, sunlight, and weather extremes, durability could be slightly decreased.

The quality of the installation is just as important as the quality of the vinyl. When you choose About Signs Limited for custom wraps, you can have confidence knowing that the vinyl will be applied by experts with extensive experience and the best equipment.

What Can I Put on Full or Partial Wraps?

Full wraps and partial wraps allow you to add text, images, and graphics for your vehicle or even an entire fleet.

The only real limitation on what goes on full wraps and partial wraps is the size of the vehicle that you have.

  • Partial wraps with limited space are better suited to simpler graphics and text.
  • Full wraps that cover an entire vehicle can have more text and images

It’s a simple question of how much space is there on the vehicle? In terms of actual limitations, there are no rules on what ends up on your wraps. Providing that the text and images don’t break any regulations or laws, you will have complete freedom to design full wraps and partial wraps with the help of our team.

Can Full Wraps Cover Windows?

Yes! Full custom wraps and even partial wraps can cover windows. While you can’t cover the front passenger and driver windows (or the windscreen), you can cover any of the other windows on your personal or commercial vehicle

Special perforated vinyl is used for custom wraps that cover windows. Micro-perforations in the material make custom wraps appear opaque from the outside, but translucent from the inside. This can improve security and privacy while also giving you more space for advertising and the overall design of custom wraps.

Are Partial Wraps Less Durable?

Partial custom wraps aren’t inherently different from full custom wraps in terms of durability. We install full and partial options to suit your needs and adhere to the same standards of quality using the best materials and methods.

Are Vehicle Wraps in Toronto Just for Businesses?

Our vehicle wraps in Toronto are ideal for businesses, but they’re also used for private cars. If you want to customize your personal car or truck, or if you’re building a show car, we are ready to help.

Can I Bring My Own Graphics for Custom Wraps?

Absolutely. We can work with your media kit and any graphics, fonts, or other assets that you have. You can come to us with a complete design, or a simple brief and concept. We have expert graphic artists and designers on our team, ready to get started on your project

How Do I Clean Full Vinyl Wraps?

Full vinyl wraps can be cleaned with detergent and water. Hand washing is essential to ensure that wraps last as long as possible. Automatic drive-through washing stations, pressure washing, and other intensive washing methods can damage full vinyl wraps and cause premature deterioration

Follow the traditional method with a bucket of soapy water and a bucket of clean water.

  1. Use a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to hand clean full vinyl wraps and dislodge any dust, dirt, and other residues.
  2. Use a bucket of clean water and a sponge to rinse full vinyl wraps.

Full vinyl wraps don’t require any additional polishing or treatment aside from gentle hand washing. In fact, you will find that full vinyl wraps are easier to clean than a vehicle without vinyl.

Do Full Vehicle Wraps Damage Paint?

Full vehicle wraps won’t damage the paint of commercial or private vehicles. If you have older full vehicle wraps on your fleet, you can get help from our team to remove the old wraps and apply new designs.

Full vehicle wraps can protect the paint underneath, without making permanent changes. Stone chips, scratches, scuffs, and other minor damage can be prevented with full vehicle wraps.

If you have a large commercial fleet, full vehicle wraps can protect paint finishes so that the vehicles are in top condition when it comes time to remove the full vehicle wraps and upgrade your fleet.

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