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Wall Decals and Custom Labels

Wall Decals and Custom Labels

Wall decals are stickers made from laminates and vinyl matte. They are decorative pieces applied to walls. Decals can dramatically change the appearance of a room. They can reinvent a boring space and transform it into something bold, beautiful and adventurous within minutes. The best part is that decals are highly cost-effective. They won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
Wall decals have become quite popular in recent times. Part of their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they cost less than a remodel. Also decals are available in a variety of designs. They allow you to transform your space into something that truly reflects your personalities and values. Homeowners find that implementing wall decals into their homes adds a splash of color and a certain spark that they desperately needed.

House remodeling projects can be quite expensive if you go to the wrong people, so do your research first and see what is out there. If you don’t have the time or money to do a professional remodel, wall decals may be the right solution you need. Decals can be applied quickly. Floor decals are also becoming popular. They are applied to the floors directly.

Different types of wall decals

There are different kinds of wall decals. They are usually characterized by the materials they are made of.

Decals are commonly made out of matte vinyl or laminated paper. They are one-sided adhesive pieces available in letters, words, custom cutouts and wall borders. Some decals cannot be reused; however, most of them are reusable. Most decals have a laminate overlay which protects the print from getting torn or stretched when removed from the wall surface. Because of this laminate people can reuse their decals.

Wall papers may crack when they are exposed to high levels of humidity. Decals, on the other hand, are resistant to cracking or peeling. They are also smoke and water resistant. Consequently, they last for several years.

Decals can be applied to several different types of surfaces. For example, you can apply them to walls, windows or even floors. They instantly grab attention and make your space look more modern.

Wall decals are available in numerous colors, designs, themes, sizes and shapes. You can use special design themes to complement your existing painted walls. Cartoon characters are commonly used for decorating children’s rooms. Nature themes are quite popular choices for family living rooms and office reception areas. Since decals are available in nearly all designs, finding one that complements your interior décor is never an issue. If you have an eclectic personality, opt for bolder designs available in abstract geometric patterns.

Vinyl decals are highly durable. They can also be used for promoting your business. You can apply them on the exterior of your building to build brand awareness and promote your products.
Because of their quality, durability, flexibility and ease-of-use, vinyl decals have become one of the most popular interior decorating options.

At About Signs we offer wall decals of a variety of colors and designs. Want to create a wall decal out of your logo or another brand image? Just submit the design to us and we will print them. We also print decals on metallic films for creating a special dramatic effect. Decals printed on metallic films offer a mirror like finish and look quite attractive.