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What are Channel Letters and Other Frequently Asked Questions for Business Owners

What are Channel Letters and Other Frequently Asked Questions for Business Owners

What are Channel Letters and Other Frequently Asked Questions for Business Owners

Channel letter logos can make your business stand out, even within a busy commercial or retail district. With a channel letter logo, you can prominently present your brand, so that your business is easier to find and more recognizable. Considered by many to be the best form of storefront advertising, you’ll probably have a few questions before you’re ready to invest in channel letter signage. What are channel letters, what makes them unique, and how do they work? We’re going to answer these questions and more so that you’re ready to go with your free channel letter signage quote from About Signs Limited.

What are Channel Letters?

Let’s start with the simplest and most obvious question of all. What are channel letters?

Channel letters, channel letter logos, sometimes known as 3D letters, are a type of outdoor signage that is common for outdoor advertising. The letters are three-dimensional and can be attached directly to an exterior surface or offset in the case of channel letters on raceway / channel letters on backer panel.

They are used for storefronts, office buildings, industrial buildings, restaurants, bars, schools, government buildings, and anywhere where clear and prominent signage is needed.

When asking what are channel letters, it’s important to consider that there are different ways that these letters can be illuminated, which can dramatically change the look. Lighting may come from within, behind (halo lighting), or even in front of the letters.

There are also different materials to use, which is something else to consider when asking, what are channel letters?

What Materials are Commonly Used for Channel Letters?

Channel letters can be made completely from acrylic, steel, aluminum, or a combination of different materials. A lot of times, acrylic is used for the face of the channel letters while metal is used for the sides. It all depends on the look that you want, as well as your budget.

Acrylic is a great material for the front face of channel letters because it allows for the lighting to come from within and illuminate the face of the letters. Metal sides and backs can then protect the internal components from the weather.

But, it’s not uncommon to see channel letters made entirely from metal, and it’s possible to customize the finish. Steel and aluminum can be customized to look like other materials, such as brushed gold or brass. Again, it all depends on the look that you want.

It can be hard to make a decision especially if you don’t have any previous experience with building signage. That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced team. About Signs Limited has decades of combined experience and we will take you through the entire process from consultation and design to fabrication and installation. We’ll work with you to get the perfect signage for your brand.

Does Every Signage Company Know How to Make Acrylic Channel Letters?

While most reputable signage companies know how to make acrylic channel letters, the quality and customer experience can vary drastically between service providers. At About Signs Limited, we focus on making the process simple and stress-free. We know how to make acrylic channel letters while also making the experience seamless for the business owner.

Choose a company that knows how to make acrylic channel letters the right way and enjoy benefits like…

  • Free quotes for channel letter logos.
  • A detailed design and consultation process to get the perfect aesthetic.
  • Access to a range of colours, styles, materials, and lighting options.
  • Code-compliant professional installation.
  • Support throughout the lifetime of your channel letter logo.
  • Access to other signage solutions for your business.

We can supply channel letters in areas ranging from Niagara to the GTA, ensuring that businesses in Southern Ontario can get the best outdoor signage.

What are Channel Letters on Raceway / Channel Letters on Backer Panel?

Our professionals know how to make acrylic channel letters and metal channel letters using a backing that is best suited to your building and the aesthetic that you want.

Channel letter logos can be applied directly to a building exterior in some cases, depending on the type of siding that is used. More commonly, you will see channel letters on raceway / channel letters on backer panel systems.

A raceway is essentially a support bar structure that runs along the building exterior. Channel letters are then mounted to this. It adds an extra element of 3D depth and also provides a weatherproof space to run cables and other components. A backer panel provides a similar function but is larger and more prominent than a raceway.

We will customize the solution and can provide channel letters on raceway / channel letters on backer panel depending on your unique design specifications and needs. If you aren’t quite sure what would work best for your location, we can evaluate your storefront or building and make a recommendation to suit.

For the most reliable channel letters on raceway / channel letters on backer panel, trust the team at About Signs Limited.

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