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Why Should I Choose Digital Printing?

Why Should I Choose Digital Printing?

Selecting whether to use traditional off-set or digital printing can be a difficult business decision. Not only do you want to choose a format that will attract attention by customers, but you’ll want it to look professional and polished, too.

What Exactly is Digital Printing?

A digital printing company uses a fast inkjet or high-volume laser printer to complete a form of printing from a computer generated digital image or graphics file. It is targeted primarily for short-run orders and is especially useful when variable data is needed.

What Makes Digital Printing Better?

Creating targeted marketing materials with a variety of texts or images is easy with digital printing! Compared to traditional off-set printing, digital printing is not only produced quicker, but it can be personalized, too. In addition, coloured logos and graphics pop with digital printing’s high-resolution photo quality!

No longer will you need a large storage space devoted solely to marketing materials! The ability to complete short runs is easy with digital printing. Setup costs are low, enabling businesses to easily print a small amount of advertising only when needed.

Ability for Variable Data Printing

Because digital printing can be database driven, it’s perfect for creating personalized marketing pieces. This form of marketing is extremely effective in engaging customers and boosting loyalty. Just take a look at the SheerID website to discover just how vital personalized marketing can be for the success of a business. Whether you require a unique code, name, address or another type of information on each marketing piece, digital printing can accomplish this task seamlessly!

Wide Variety of Digitally Printed Products Available

Before you select the digitally printed product for your next marketing campaign, think about the end goal you want to accomplish.

Do you need a form of advertising that will be more permanent?

Wall graphics or mural printing may be the solution.

Have a one-off event or promotion that needs to be promoted?

Digitally printed posters or wall graphics are a great way to accomplish this!

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Want to increase your logo’s visibility around your community?

Contour cut logo decals or vinyl wraps for vehicles offer a solution.

Have a storefront?

Window decals (or cling-on’s) are a great form of advertising!

Fast Turnaround Time with Digital Printing

There’s no time to lose when it comes to advertising – especially when it’s a time-sensitive upcoming event or promotion!

Digital printing offers the ability for quick delivery – sometimes with a turnaround time of as little as 24 hours!

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