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Why Your Business Needs Marquee Letters in Toronto

Why Your Business Needs Marquee Letters in Toronto

Why Your Business Needs Marquee Letters in Toronto

No matter your industry, signage for your storefront or commercial property can help to engage your target market and drive brand recognition. Marquee letters in Toronto can give you the visibility that you need while adding professionalism and permanence to your premises.

Marquee letters in Toronto are available in a range of styles, but none are as impactful or as memorable as Marquee channel letters. Learn about this popular form of signage and start with your free quote from About Signs Limited.

What are Marquee Channel Letters?

A marquee sign is a type of permanent signage that serves as the main signage for your business. Suited to storefronts, commercial locations like offices, and even industrial locations, the signage lets your customers and clients know who you are.

Marquee channel letters are a unique type of marquee sign, bringing three-dimensional depth to increase visibility and impact

Unlike standard printed or vinyl board signs, Marquee channel letters are made up of individual structures that pop out from the wall or custom sign backing. Each letter is three-dimensional and can be made from aluminum, acrylic, or a combination of the two. Because marquee channel letters are three-dimensional, they have room inside for lighting, creating an impactful glowing effect at night or in low-light conditions.

Fabrication of Exterior Marquee Signage

It’s the unique fabrication of exterior marquee signage that gives each individual letter its signature look. There are several key elements of exterior marquee signage. Understanding these elements can give you context on why these signs look like they do and create the kind of impact that isn’t possible with other types of signage.

  • The front face of exterior marquee signage is typically made from acrylic and can be in a colour of your choosing. The face of your marquee channel letterscan be made from aluminum, with a finish of your choosing. However, the letters must then be halo lit and not front lit. The aluminum used for exterior marquee signage can be finished to look like stainless steel, bronze, chrome, gold, and other metals.
  • The sides of channel letters are known as the “return”. These can be made from aluminum or acrylic, depending on the look that you’re going for. Depth can be customized to suit your preference, although the overall size of your exterior marquee signage will typically suggest a depth. For example, larger faces typically look better with a deeper return of 5” or 8”. If you’re working with smaller letters, then the depth could go as low as 3”. This is a fully customizable option so there are no hard limits, outside of the space that you have to work with. We’ll help you to determine the best dimensions to make your letters stand out.
  • Lighting is also something to consider when installing marquee channel letters. In most cases, the light source will be integrated into each letter, so every element of the sign will be independently illuminated. There are other effects available, such as backlighting where the channel letters are solid, with a light source behind them, creating a halo effect.

One of the advantages of custom Marquee letters in Toronto is that you can fully customize the aesthetic to suit your business needs. The font, size, shape, colour of the letters, and colour/style of the lighting can all be customized for your needs.

The Benefits of Marquee Letters in Toronto

Attractive signage can provide a host of benefits for your business. Consider Marquee channel letters in Toronto and you will enjoy the following advantages…

  • Increased name recognition in your community and local market.
  • A more professional aesthetic for your storefront or commercial building.
  • A differentiator to set you apart from local competitors.
  • All-weather visibility for your signage when you choose lit Marquee channel letters.
  • Durability and a great return on investment. Channel letters are weatherproof.

If you want exterior signage that makes your business stand out, exterior marquee signage with channel letters is the best option.

Detailed Consultations to Get the best Marquee Letters in Toronto

Understanding the advantages of channel letters is one thing. To bring all the benefits together, you need a design team that is ready to bring your concept to life.

About Signs Limited has extensive experience in commercial signage and can design channel letters that suit your premises and your brand. We can work with your existing concept or design signs based on your brief. Whether you have a good idea of where you want to start, or if you simply want to let the professionals come up with a design, we are ready to assist.

We offer the best-looking and most reliable marquee letters in Toronto with an end-to-end design and installation service. Your business deserves to be seen. About Signs Limited is ready to make it happen.