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Options for Signage with Window Film in Toronto

If you have large glass windows for a storefront, window signage is one of the best ways to invest money in advertising. You can look at your storefront as a billboard dedicated entirely to your business. If you had a traditional billboard, you’d obviously want to occupy it with signage, so why shouldn’t you do the same with your storefront windows?

The beauty of window film in Toronto is that you can use as much or as little as you need to get an aesthetic that suits your location and your brand. From simple window film decals through to full window graphics, your options are limitless.

What is Window Film in Toronto?

Window film is a type of storefront signage that ensures high visual impact and countless options for customization. With window film in Toronto, you can have a cost-efficient signage option that transforms glass doors and windows into advertising displays. What you use the space for is entirely up to you.

Window film in Toronto ranges from simple marketing decals like brand logos and business names, right through to full window advertisements with graphics, text, and high-resolution images. Vinyl is used to ensure durability and an excellent aesthetic.

Window film in Toronto is UV treated to prevent fading, and it won’t damage the glass or frame.

Design Options for Window Film in Toronto

There is a range of options available so that you can get the perfect window film in Toronto for your signage needs.

Versatile and cost efficient, you could choose window film for:

  • Vinyl window graphics in a range of finishes from opaque to translucent. You can create bold and highly aesthetic graphics in a range of colours. Window graphic shapes can be plain, or they can also be printed with designs, depending on your needs.
  • Frosted window film in Toronto is an option if you want to add privacy to your window glass. This is ideal for legal offices, medical offices, and commercial buildings that aren’t typically open for public entry. Or, if you have a retail store, you could use frosted window film to create elegant text and graphics that look like they are etched directly into the glass.
  • Perforated window film is a specialist type of window film in Toronto. Micro-perforations make the film appear opaque from outside, but on the inside the film appears translucent. This is excellent if you want to add branding to your windows without obstructing the view to outside.
  • Window film letters are letter cutouts made from vinyl that are then applied to your windows. These can show your business name in large letters, or you could even add smaller letter signs that have opening hours and contact details. What you choose to display is entirely up to you. Custom cut letters allow complete freedom. If you don’t like the look of letters floating on the glass, we can create reverse cut letter decals, where each character is punched out of a larger shape to create inverted clear text within the vinyl.
  • Window film decals could be your business logo, printed images, promotional “posters” and more. Custom printed decals are applied to the glass, making maximum use of your storefront space.
  • Full window film wraps can cover your windows floor to ceiling with attractive graphics and text to truly turn your storefront into a billboard exclusive to your business. This is arguably the most effective way to attract the attention of passers-by, but the aesthetic doesn’t suit every business. You could also choose partial prints so that some of your windows are used as advertising space while other panels remain clear.

Even just with the above, it’s quite clear to see that window film in Toronto is one of the most versatile ways to do storefront advertising. The best part about it is that there aren’t any rules. You can talk to our team for custom designs, and we’ll ensure that your windows look their absolute best, while conveying a specific brand image or targeted advertising to people outside.

Professional Installation Ensures a Flawless Aesthetic

Our window film in Toronto is professionally designed and applied by our talented experts. We’ll ensure that the results look flawless so that you can enjoy effective branding and advertising. We perform our installations in compliance with all industry standards, and we can schedule the installation for a time that’s convenient for your team, with minimal disruption to your normal business.

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Our design team can collaborate with you to develop fresh and innovative ways to market your brand. Window film in Toronto is one of the most effective ways to get quality storefront advertising. If you have the space available, it’s time to make use of it. Get your no-risk quote from About Signs Limited and let us show you how much your windows could do for your business and your brand.