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Why You Should Be Using Window Graphics To Market Your Business

Why You Should Be Using Window Graphics To Market Your Business

Window graphics are a great way to promote your brand and advertise your business. Here are five benefits for using window graphics to market your business.

Economical Advertising

Compared to many types of signage, window decals are quite economical. They are easy to install and if you take good care of them, they are both long lasting and reusable.

In order to grow and be successful, you have to develop your brand. A window with nothing on it doesn’t really do much to tell your customers who you are or develop that brand. A window with graphics or art on it however, can help to tell your brand story.

If you put a graphic on your window that truly represents what your company is about and your product, you’ll be grabbing your customer’s attention in no time.

You can also provide details about your company such as its name, website, social media platforms, and so on in your graphics. This quickly tells your customer how to find out more about you.

Advertise Promotions, Deals and Sales

You can use window graphics to highlight promotions or deals you might have going on as a way to promote traffic through your store. This grabs the attention of potential customers quickly since most people are visual.

Make it a Mystery

If you have a large storefront with a lot of open window space, it means your customers can see right into your store. While you don’t have anything to hide, maybe you don’t want your customers to see everything without actually coming into your store. Large windows are a staple of most retail units, why not have a window that gives your customers information about your brand. However, before you start branding your window you should make sure that the glass used for the window is appropriate for the job! If your window is not double glazed, you should probably contact a company like MWT Windows so that your business isn’t using as much energy heating your unit!

If you want to make it a little more mysterious, adding graphics to your window will grab the attention of customers without allowing them to see everything right away. This allows you to use their own curiosity to draw them in.

Save the Red Tape

Sometimes if you want to put up banners, flyers, or any other kind of advertising on the outside of your storefront, you might have to go through some kind of permit process depending on your city. If you have a graphics decal on the window however, there usually aren’t any restrictions to worry about.

Works Well With Other Advertising

Window graphics are a form of advertising that work incredibly well with other forms of marketing. Match your storefront decals to other signage and materials like vehicle wraps, in store signage and other promotional materials.

This will help create brand awareness, and will tie all of the advertising together.

Window graphics work to build your brand and attract customers’ attention. They are usually very colourful and have pop art-like features. Use the real estate you have with your storefront to strengthen your brand, bring customers into your store and promote weekly deals or specials. They are definitely a worthwhile investment, and can lead to a growth in repeat customers who simply came into your store because they were curious about what was behind the graphic.

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