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Perforated Vinyl

Storefront advertising is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and share your brand messaging with graphics and text. For many retailers, the thought of additional advertising space is appealing, but there can be some hesitation when it comes to blocking natural light or restricting the view to outside. This is where perforated storefront vinyl decals are perfect.

Perforated window signs look just like regular window signs from outside, but from inside they are transparent, improving both lighting and security. Learn about our custom commercial window signs and invest in the future of your business.


What are Perforated Window Signs?

Perforated window signs are made from high-quality vinyl that has been perforated with tiny holes across the entire surface. You may also see these signs referred to as one-way window decals or stickers. From the outside, the signs appear opaque with bold graphics and text.

Colours are bright and vibrant, and there are no downsides in terms of the clarity or quality of your company lettering, text, logos, and other graphics. From inside, perforated vinyl signs appear semi-transparent. This allows you to see out onto the roadside. Perforated vinyl signs also allow more light to enter a store, office, or reception. This can reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, and decrease your utility spend.

If you are interested in the idea of commercial window signs but want to retain visibility, perforated window signs are ideal.

Where’s the best Glass Sticker Shop Near Me?

Our vinyl decals and window advertisements are perfect for retailers, showrooms, restaurants, bars, cafés, professional offices, and any type of business that needs effective and affordable storefront advertising.

Before you can get custom perforated window stickers, you’ll need to contact the best glass sticker shop near me. About Signs Limited is based in Oakville and serves customers throughout Southwestern Ontario, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and nearby locations.

If your business is missing that special element that gets more people through the door, storefront vinyl decals could contribute to your marketing strategy. Choose the best glass sticker shop near me and contact About Signs Limited today. We are standing by with your no-obligation estimate. Our in-house graphic design service will ensure that you get the best window advertisements that reflect your products, services, and unique brand.

The Benefits of Commercial Window Signs

Commercial window signs, particularly perforated window signs, offer several benefits to business owners.

  • Light penetration is increased, allowing for brighter spaces that are more comfortable, welcoming, and energy-efficient.
  • Security is enhanced. Staff will be able to see clearly who is approaching and entering the front doors.
  • Commercial window signs can be used on glass doors and windows and can cover entire panes or parts of them.
  • Storefront vinyl decals can be used for marketing purposes and practical purposes. Decals and floor to ceiling commercial window signs can enhance privacy. They can be printed with coloured graphics and text to promote your business name and the products and services that you offer. Signs can also be used to inform customers of opening hours, after-hours contact details, and more.

  • Perforated window signs and storefront vinyl decals are durable and can last for years when professionally applied by About Signs Limited. While they act as permanent signs, they can be removed with no damage to the glass and there’s no sticky residue to clean.
  • Storefront vinyl decals and signs are relatively affordable, offering a cost-efficient way to add branding and promotions to your storefront windows.

Precision Cut Vinyl Graphics Ontario – Durable Signage Solutions

Perforated vinyl provides window signage without limiting visibility or light in the interior. Like all types of signage, precision is important to get excellent and durable results. Vinyl that peels or fails to align with window panels looks unprofessional and can diminish the potential of vinyl graphics.

With About Signs Limited, you will enjoy precision cut vinyl graphics Ontario, made to order, and installed by our experts to ensure the perfect fit and alignment.

Precision cut vinyl graphics Ontario can cover floor to ceiling windows and doors without overhang or gaps left between the vinyl and the edge of the glass. By perfectly fitting the glass, precision cut vinyl graphics Ontario are more durable. There’s less risk of premature peeling and detachment, and less dust and dirt to get in underneath the vinyl.

There’s also precision in the micro-perforations, ensuring that graphics and text are consistent and highly visible. From the outside, perforated vinyl looks just like solid vinyl, with a full range of colour and flawless clarity

If you want the best precision cut vinyl graphics Ontario, it’s time to talk to the expert team at About Signs Limited. Cut vinyl graphics Ontario are available for full sized windows, or as stick-on shapes that partially cover the window.


Types of Storefront Vinyl Decals

There are two main types of storefront vinyl decals and perforated window signs used in Ontario.

  • Storefront vinyl decals refer specifically to sticker-style decals that cover part of the window. These can be anything from sales promotion advertisements, to brand logos and images. Vinyl decals are die-cut to shape, giving the impression that the advertising is floating on the glass.

    • Full storefront vinyl decals typically run from floor to ceiling, covering the entire windowpane or glass door. We can create large graphics and advertising posters that span multiple windows. Because we create our storefront vinyl decals to order and measure your windows and doors, they will be perfectly fitted without gaps or deformation in the text or graphics.

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