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Window Graphics

You have an opportunity to improve your branding and attract new customers with attractive window graphics. Bare windows are uninspiring and uncompelling. They do little to attract attention.

One of the most effective ways to promote your message, your products, and your services, is to utilize your window real estate with a variety of window graphics, window clings, and custom window decals.

Discover how About Signs Limited can turn your storefront windows into powerful marketing assets with vibrant graphics or elegant frosted window signage.


What are Storefront Window Graphics?

Storefront window graphics cover a variety of different advertising materials from custom window decals to perforated vinyl window clings and frosted window signage. Attractive window graphics can include lettering, logos, and high-resolution images that reflect your brand and what you have to offer to the public. You can even transform the look of the glass with options like frosted window film.

Window graphics are applied directly to glass windowpanes and doors but can also be applied to glass partitions in your interiors. Custom window decals can be solid colours, full-colour print, or a combination of both.

Look at your options for different types of window graphics and start designing with a no-obligation quote from About Signs Limited today.

Custom Window Decals

One of the most affordable and effective ways to improve your storefront windows is to incorporate custom window decals. Made from high-quality vinyl, window decals are standalone graphics that partially cover your windows or doors. They are applied on the inside of the glass for protection from the elements and can be standard cut or reverse cut.

  • Standard-cut custom window decals are vinyl decals that have been die-cut around the outline of lettering and graphics for a floating effect on glass.
  • Reverse cut custom window decals are made by die-cutting text or graphics out of a solid sheet of vinyl, leaving the background of the vinyl to outline the details.

Window decals are ideal for your company name, contact details, opening hours, and for promoting sales events and specials. We can customize window decals for your business with countless options for size, shape, colour, graphics, and lettering. Basic graphics can be cut to shape with frosted window film for a unique look.

Frosted Window Film – The Best Frosted Window Signage

Frosted glass can be prohibitively expensive to retrofit to your business. Frosted window film is a much more cost-efficient option that can look just as good.

You can use frosted window film for privacy, especially for medical offices, law offices, and other types of commercial offices. Frosted window film is ideal for partition walls where you want to lose the “fishbowl” effect that can make some employees uncomfortable.

Frosted window signage is durable, just like all our window signage, and we can professionally install the frosted window film so that it looks immaculate.

Full-Size Window Clings for Storefront Windows

If you want to make more of an impact with your storefront windows, you can consider full-size window clings. Window clings are made from vinyl and can cover all or part of your windows and doors. Window clings can span multiple windows to create a visually impressive storefront that attracts attention and compels people to walk through the door.

Window clings can be printed with text and graphics in full colour. You can fully reflect your existing brand imagery or do something new for seasonal sales and events.

Window clings are custom made for:

  • Full fascia window advertising.
  • Creating privacy with branding and attractive graphics.
  • Reinforcing your brand if you lack permanent signage above your store.
  • Promoting products and services with printed photography and custom graphics.

If you want to transform your storefront windows into what is effectively a giant billboard, you can get started with our design experts today.

Perforated Vinyl Graphics

Our window clings and decals can use perforated vinyl to offer some practical advantages. Perforated vinyl graphics are printed on vinyl that has been precision cut with small holes to allow light through, without compromising the appearance of graphics and lettering. Perforated vinyl appears opaque from the outside, but still allows light and the ability to see out from the inside. This type of vinyl is suited to all types of graphics and frosted window signage.

There are practical benefits when using perforated vinyl graphics:

  • Security can be improved as staff will be able to see who is coming into the store or office etc.
  • Perforated vinyl graphics allow light to pass through, which can increase ambient light and reduce utility expenses during the daytime.
  • Because perforated vinyl can be seen through from the inside, it makes interiors feel larger and more welcoming.
  • Perforated vinyl graphics retain the clarity and vibrancy of solid vinyl window clings.

We design perforated vinyl window graphics, decals, and clings for businesses in any industry.

Full Window Wraps

Complete window wraps are available to transform your store windows into a personalized billboard. Window wraps can cover the glass floor to ceiling.

You can have window wraps with perforated vinyl, ensuring light and a view outside. The window wraps will appear opaque from outside of your store.

Window wraps can feature graphics and text and can include high-resolution images. The entire window can be fully customized to suit your needs. You could also consider frosted window film for a minimalist effect.

Full window wraps can also be used for internal windows. Glass office partitions can be made more private with full window wraps.

Get your free quote for custom window wraps from the best signage team in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas.

Business Door Decals

Glass doors create the perfect opportunity to market your brand and inform your customers. Business door decals work just like window decals. You can share your operating hours, important contact details, business name, and your business address.

If you want more than just business door decals, we can install floor to ceiling clings on your front doors. If you’re looking for something more subtle, we can create business door decals and clings that simulate etched glass to add privacy and a touch of distinction to your storefront. This is possible with frosted window signage and clings.

Business door decals work just like window decals, offering the opportunity for more branding, advertising, and informative lettering that helps you to engage with your market.

We’re standing by to design professional business door decals that get your company noticed.

Window Graphics Video

We Create the Best Window Graphics in Southwestern Ontario

About Signs Limited is your partner for powerful and captivating window graphics. Turn bland and bare storefront windows into bright and vibrant floor to ceiling advertisements, or simply add key information with affordable window decals.

We serve businesses throughout Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA, Hamilton, Oakville, and much of Southwestern Ontario. Talk to us now and unlock the potential of your storefront with window graphics.

Window Graphics & Wraps Without Limitations

Modern window graphics & wraps allow for full creativity with outstanding results.

With our advanced printing methods, we can produce window graphics & wraps in full colour, combining text and images without sacrificing detail or readability. Window graphics & wraps are available perforated if you want to add signage without sacrificing interior visibility.

Perforated window graphics have micro-perforations throughout the surface, allowing for visibility through the back of the vinyl while allowing it to appear opaque from the outside. This is popular for automotive window graphics & wraps but is also suited to window signs at commercial properties.

Because we design our wraps and decals digitally, we can provide accurate concepts before manufacturing, ensuring that you can sign off on the signage before it is produced.

You can have frosted window signage, window graphics & wraps that perfectly suit your brand. Colour, images, fonts, and vector graphics can all come from your existing brand media kit. If you need help designing from scratch, our team has you covered. We can work with your design brief to develop the perfect concept. Whether you want window graphics & wraps for commercial premises or a commercial vehicle, About Signs Limited is ready to deliver, without limitations.