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Your Options for Outdoor Digital Signage in Canada

Your Options for Outdoor Digital Signage in Canada

To attract new customers and promote your brand, few marketing solutions work better than outdoor digital signage in Canada.

A digital signage display can be versatile, allowing you to customize your messaging to suit your needs. Whether you change your message from day to day, or a few times each month, digital signage in Canada can give you an advantage over your competitors.

About Signs Limited develops digital billboards and LED scrolling displays for all types of businesses.

The Advantages of Outdoor Digital Signage in Canada

With outdoor digital signage in Canada, you can enjoy significant benefits over traditional static signage like banners and posters.

Install outdoor digital signage in Canada for:

  • The freedom to change your marketing message at any time.
  • Remote access to your sign via a convenient web interface.
  • Versatile solutions from digital scrolling letters to large digital billboards.
  • An excellent return on investment with no cost to deploy new marketing messages.
  • Solutions to fit a sign into any environment, from pylons and pillars to storefront displays.

To enjoy all of the benefits of a digital signage display or digital billboard, you will need an expert signage partner. About Signs Limited is the premier supplier of custom signs in Southwestern Ontario.

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What are the Different Types of Digital Signage Displays for Businesses in Ontario?

Like most forms of signage, you can customize digital signage displays to suit your unique needs and your available budget. Signs range from simple LED scrolling letters, all the way up to the largest digital billboards. Specialist consultants will help you to find the right sign to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Electronic Message Center Signs – This is the simplest form of digital signage, but the lack of complexity won’t limit the impact of these digital signage displays. LED lights present text that can be seen in all weather conditions. Size is variable, from small signs used in shop windows, to large signs used for pedestals and pylons. Electronic message center signs are typically single-colour, but customization options are available.
  • Pylon Message Boards – These digital signage displays are typically larger than basic electronic message center signs. They are used for roadside pylons and can be customized with both graphics and text. A pylon message board will give you more space to work with so you can add more text or a combination of text and graphics, giving you a significant advantage over standard scrolling letter signs.
  • Digital Billboards – These are the largest types of electronic message signs and the customization options are virtually endless. Present full graphics and text just like a traditional billboard, but with the ability to customize the sign at any time that suits your business. While costlier than a traditional billboard, this initial investment will eventually be offset over the lifetime of the sign.

What are the Advantages of Digital Billboards Over Traditional Billboards?

If you have the space for a full-sized or smaller digital billboard, you will enjoy bold and highly attractive advertising to promote your brand, products, services, and upcoming events, etc.

The ability to customize a sign at any time is a huge selling point of digital billboards. Rather than having to reproduce graphics on physical media and hire a crew to mount a new billboard, you can simply upload your graphical template and see the billboard update in a matter of minutes.

Digital billboards can also cycle through various sets of graphics and text, making them ideal for dynamic advertising on busy roads and outside popular commercial establishments. Prices have come down so that full colour boards are the standard now instead of single colour. It is now affordable to have high resolution pictures or video.

Digital billboards are used by:

  • Shopping malls.
  • Churches
  • Advertising companies that sell digital space.
  • Retailers.
  • Professional firms (legal, accounting, etc.)
  • Schools and community organizations.
  • Sports teams and stadiums.
  • Events centers.
  • Any organization looking to maximize a marketing budget with impactful advertising.

Digital billboards provide a superior return on investment, especially when considering that the signs can be used to display an endless number of unique graphics and text layouts.

How to Choose Between a Simple LED Scrolling Display and a Digital Billboard

Choosing the right signage is key to enjoying a great return on your investment. Consider the following when investing in outdoor digital signage…

  • What is your budget? A small investment is best suited to an LED scrolling display in single colour red or amber.
  • What is the message you need to convey? If graphics aren’t a requirement, choose an LED scrolling display.
  • What do you want your messages to look like? If you want to combine text and graphics, you will need a digital billboard or an electronic message center that supports static images or video in full colour.
  • How much space do you have to work with? Digital billboards have extensive space needs when compared to LED scrolling displays.

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