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3 Sign Trends that make you STAND OUT From the Crowd!

Anyone can make a business sign, but to perfect the craft you must create a sign that first grabs your audience’s attention then is interesting enough for them to remember you when they have a need for your products or services. Signs convey information, successful signs attract, inform, and entertain. The challenge seems daunting but these three trends will help you create the most effective business sign that rockets your business to new heights!

Simply Simple

Lakeview Orthodontics - 3d letters

Society bombards individuals with advertising all day, which can lead to information overload. Keep this in mind when you are creating a business sign and limit the amount of information you are including. A sign that has a lot of excessive designs, colours and text, detracts from the effectiveness of your sign and can overwhelm. If a person feels that your sign is too busy they will ignore it all together, making your sign useless. Include crucial information like your company name, website and phone number, which allows your consumer to know who you are and where to get more information in regards to your products and services. If your company name does not clearly explain your products you may want to include a catchy slogan or photo that will clarify your services and make your company more memorable.

It is critical to make sure that your sign conveys the type of business you are running. You want to clearly state what your company is about, so when individuals seek your services they will remember your sign. If your sign creates confusion, it will not peek your consumer’s interest and encourage them to visit your location. If you are a pet groomer for instance, you may want a sign that has your name and a graphic of a dog in a tub. The text and visual are consistent and will let people passing by that you offer dog grooming services.


SpaUse colours to your advantage and captivate your audience. You want to stay true to your companies branding, but picking colours that stand out is ideal. Contrasting colours will help catch the attention of individuals passing by and will help retain your information. One extremely successful example of a sign that utilizes contrast is a stop sign. The bold contrast of white and red stands out from the background and ensures everyone will notice it. Use a color scheme that enhances contrast and makes sure that everyone around will stop and stare. Other methods of retaining your viewers is legible script, bold text, and quality graphics. Creating a balanced sign that incorporates effective use of colour, text and graphics will ensure that your sign is memorable.


Ideally you want to present your information in a visually appealing way that captures and holds your audiences’ attention. By creating a distinctive sign that reflects your field of work will enhance your customer’s interest and attain a competitive advantage. Individuals are instantly attracted to novelty, so by creating a sign that is original you are more likely to catch their interest. Normal text is boring and blends into the backdrop, use fonts and graphics that are unique and will entertain your viewers. By using design tactics in your sign you will be able to bring your viewers’ attention to a particular aspect of your sign and heighten their retention. A truly original sign will resonate with your viewers and reflect your company’s unique philosophy and style. Explore your different sign options today and find the sign that will drive customers to your door.