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Window Signs

Many businesses fail to capitalize on the advertising potential of their windows, even though windows are a great space to communicate key messages to potential customers outside of a store. You can make use of this space by contacting About Signs to discuss your ideas for window signs, and receive a quote for the project you have in mind.

What is the price for a window sign?

Let us transform your windows into custom advertisement billboards. About Signs will create high resolution window decals for your business that are affordable, long-lasting and maintenance-free. Contact us for a window sticker quote.

What is a window sign?

A window sign is just that – a sign affixed to a window. This type of sign is created by turning a design into a static cling decal, then expertly applying the decal to the window. When applied properly, it will appear that the window decal is actually part of the glass, with no peeling or bubbling to ruin the illusion.

Custom window decals may be anything from a discreet logo to a sale announcement to eye-catching graphics that cover entire panes. However you want to go about using your windows as a place to market your company, About Signs can help bring your vision to life.

Types of window signs

The main difference among commercial window decals is the nature of their respective designs. The examples described and displayed below illustrate some of the common types of window sticker signs.

2 & 3D letter window decals

Catch the eye of passers by with text that appears to pop right out of the glass. Three-dimensional letters are easy to add to a window display, and can be used to permanently display a brand name, or temporarily inform people about an offer. Two-dimensional letters serve the same purpose in more traditional font. Here are some examples of window lettering decals.

Graphic decals

Combine images and text on glass doors and windows to make full use of your building’s marketing potential. You can keep it simple with a low-key design that leaves the majority of the glass transparent, or use the panes as a vast canvas to showcase attractive window signage. Check out some examples of this type of window sticker here.

Full pane window stickers

Turn your windows into fully covered surfaces that show off your products or services. Though opaque window signage prevents people from seeing into your building, it allows you to showcase a message of your choice, and to do so in a visually noteworthy manner. If privacy is a main concern then it might be worthwhile to look into opaque signage as well as other companies such as Campbell Window Film and others that can provide privacy film treatments for windows. Whereas other types of window stickers can work in conjunction with window displays – e.g. mannequins in a clothing store – full pane window decals effectively replace interior displays. Here are some examples of fully covered, opaque window signs.

The benefits of window signs

The great thing about window signs is that they take up virtually no space and can be used for almost any type of building. For example, if you have a business that’s part of a strip mall, or is situated on a lot that ends at your front door, you may not have anywhere to put a pylon or hanging blade sign. Depending on sidewalk space, even an awning might be intrusive. But window decals require no space at all; just a pane of glass.

Another benefit of window decals is that they can be customized to display virtually anything you want. Whether it’s detailed images covering a whole window or a small logo that leaves a clear line of sight to the interior of the building, you can treat your windows as a blank canvas on which to project your brand.

Window signs are also easy to change and replace compared to other outdoor signs. Whereas changing the main sign on your storefront, or getting rid of a pylon sign that’s cemented to your lot can be expensive and time-consuming, swapping custom window decals in and out is a breeze.

Who uses window signs?

Window signs are often used by businesses for whom visual aids are important. For example, dentists, barbers, beauty salons, restaurants, car dealerships, lawyers, grocery stores, orthodics, spas, yoga studios and gyms – any business that would rather show than tell – often rely on window decals. This is especially true for businesses with limited space for on-site advertising, because window stickers are great for when you need to do a lot with just a little space.

Where About Signs provides window signage

About Signs has been creating custom window stickers for over two decades. We serve businesses in Oakville, where we’re based, as well as in Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Toronto, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Grimsby, Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough, Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, Caledon, Erin and St. Catherines.

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