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Benefits of Aluminum Letter Formed Signs

Benefits of Aluminum Letter Formed Signs

If you own a retail store, you know how important a great sign is for business. Purchasing quality, durable signage is imperative, and aluminum formed letter signs are as good as it gets. Ensure you buy the best for your business. They are made of long-lasting aluminum that provides a beautiful finish, guaranteed to put money back in your pocket.

Aluminum formed letter signs can be cut into several different thicknesses and sizes, making this type of signage very functional. If you can imagine it, it can be made with formed letters. Font choices are nearly endless and include custom font styles. Finding just the right colour will never be a problem either. Sometimes, signage can be difficult to match when it comes to an existing brand for your business. Formed letter signs offer the ability to keep a trademark design that flows through other signage for your business and can be used indoors and outdoors. This versatility makes aluminum formed letter signs a popular choice in signage.

Durable Aluminum Signs

When it comes to durability, formed letter signs can’t be beaten. They are resistant to corrosion and sturdy like no other type of signage out there. Your investment is worth every penny as each letter is anodized. A coating process that not only colours the letters but hardens the aluminum letters becoming resistant to cracking or peeling. This process also protects the formed letters from sunlight and harsh UV rays, making this type of signage long-lasting and virtually maintenance free.

Formed letters represent some of the best value in retail signage. They can be polished, painted or left natural. They are easy to install as each letter is one solid piece, so the installation process becomes seamless with less individual pieces to work with. They are lightweight and can be placed on just about any wall surface such as stucco, brick, wood, and concrete. Aluminum is a very popular choice for signage for these reasons. It comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, finishes and sizes. Unlike other types of signage, free standing aluminum formed letters take care of themselves.

Whether you are just opening up for business, or you need to replace old signage, considering formed letter signs will open up a whole new world of design options. Getting the customer through the door is, of course, the main objective and formed letter signs are designed to be attractive and inviting.

To learn more about formed letter signs, or other signage options that may better suit your business, contact About Signs in Oakville today. For over 25 years we have created high-quality signs throughout Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Milton.