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Colours That Stand The Test Of Time

According to Pantone, the New Jersey-based provider of colour systems, the colour of 2015 is marsala. On their website, Pantone describes marsala as, “a naturally robust and earthy wine red,” that “enriches our minds, bodies and souls.”

That’s quite the endorsement for a colour. But does that mean you should transform all of your company’s signage to utilize the color of 2015? Probably not, because after all, there will be a new colour of the year for 2016.

Designers and companies in the business of colour, like Pantone, like to create “it” colours that are on trend for a particular year, or sometimes just a particular season. It’s costly enough to update your wardrobe to reflect the must have colour of the season, but imagine how expensive it would be to continually change your company logo, business cards, and signage. When it comes to creating signs that will endure long beyond marsala’s reign as colour of the year, you need to choose colours that stand up over time.

Party of Colours


Colour psychology

The psychological effects of colour on people could have a lasting impact on your business. That’s because colour has a powerful subconscious impact on the viewer. Not everyone reacts the same way to the same colours, but some timeless colours tend to have predictable effects on a large number of people.


Green often sparks imaginative thinking and broader thought. It also has a positive association with nature, which makes it generally likable. Green is a great colour to use if you want to depict your company as productive and creative.


Studies have shown that people tend to react quicker and more forcefully when they see the colour red. However that boost of energy is often fleeting, and exposure to red can reduce concentration levels, meaning people may lose interest in your message. While it’s a timeless colour, red should be used carefully in your signage.


Most people state that blue if their favorite colour, so it’s a safe bet to use it in your signs and branding. It implies honesty, trust, and dependability, and as such, has stood up well over time.


This is a timeless colour, but not necessarily for the best reasons. Most people aren’t a fan of yellow, but the people who do like it have a marked preference for it. If you’re looking for mass appeal, however, you’re best to use yellow sparingly.


People tend to associate orange with good value. That works for most businesses, but if you sell to high-end customers, they might feel less affinity to your products/services as your brand may appear too commonplace.


White evokes cleanliness, simplicity, and organization, and its neutrality implies fairness. Brands use white to show sophistication and modernity. At the same time though, white isn’t stimulating to the senses, and promotes thoughtful reflection. That can actually be bad for business, as it may distract people from your message.


Psychologically, black implies power and authority, and it can make a business seem intimidating and unapproachable. But black can also be seen as dignified and chic. Consider what your business does when you think about using black. It can work for a trendy clothing store, but not so much for a daycare centre.

Once you’ve selected the colour or colours that suit your business, contact us to see how we can put them to use in your interior, custom outdoor, and store front signage.