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EMC Weed Competitors Can Gain Exposure with Signage for Cannabis Dispensaries

EMC Weed Competitors Can Gain Exposure with Signage for Cannabis Dispensaries

EMC Weed (Emblem Corp.) is one of the largest legal cannabis companies in the world. Your business can compete in the local Southwestern Ontario market with the help of our eye-catching, memorable, and versatile signage solutions.

Cannabis is legal in Canada for both medicinal and recreational use. The opening of the market has led to huge growth in both producers and dispensaries, commonly known as cannabis stores. If you’re an operator in the market, you need something special to get your message and branding across. Cannabis store signs are perfect for the retail end of the market, offering you the simplest and most cost-effective way to engage your audience at street level.

Why Does Signage for Cannabis Dispensaries Matter?

Store signage simply works. Throughout the history of commerce, recognizable brand names and images have helped consumers to identify and remember businesses. In the cannabis industry with companies like EMC Weed that are quickly growing, name recognition is important.

Signage for cannabis dispensaries will ensure that you can show your local market who you are and attract new and repeat clientele.

The best signage for cannabis dispensaries works by:

  • Boosting Your Brand Exposure – With such a new market, the public is yet to form long-term relationships with cannabis. As companies like EMC Weed have shown, rapid growth is achievable. If you want growth for a small local dispensary or even a national chain, signage for cannabis dispensaries should be one of your first investments to let the public know who you are.
  • Setting Your Business Apart – With a rapidly growing market, companies like EMC Weed are the outliers. With dispensaries opening all across Ontario and the rest of Canada, a point of differentiation can make a difference. Your store signage can play a role in setting your business apart, whether it’s through your name or your logo lit up on bold illuminated signs.
  • Signage for Cannabis Dispensaries is Cost-Effective – New businesses can struggle with expenses in the early years. Advertising is an expense that you won’t regret. In fact, it should really be considered an investment. You can get high-quality signage for cannabis dispensaries, even on a modest budget.
  • Advertising That Doesn’t Stop – Whether advertising on television, in print, or online, the campaigns are temporary. Cannabis store signs don’t stop working. If you have storefront signage, your brand will always be in focus for your local market.

Large corporations like EMC Weed have the advantage of penetration and organic marketing through news media and even the stock market. Your company can expand, too. The current market is competitive for dispensaries, but there is high potential. Investing in Cannabis store signs is an important first step as you start growing your brand.

Even if you have an established brand, cannabis store signs will show customers where you are and what you offer.

Cannabis Store Sign Types to Consider

About Signs Limited is an experienced signage company serving Southwestern Ontario. We have vast experience in designing, fabricating, and installing store signs throughout areas like the GTA, Hamilton, Mississauga, and Niagara.

We offer a comprehensive range of signs, including both indoor and outdoor signs. You can consider our signage options here, and we have some special suggestions for your new cannabis store signs.

Custom Backlit Cannabis Store Signs

Visibility matters when considering signage. Backlit signs can illuminate letters and logos for prominent branding day or night. Backlit cannabis store signs are highly visible in even the worst weather.

Backlit signs are cost-effective as they don’t require the fabrication of channel letters (large 3D letters) in every case. They can be two-dimensional and as large as the storefront space that you have available.

Our backlit cannabis store signs use efficient LED lighting so they’re durable and cost-efficient to run. They’re also better for the environment, so they’re the perfect choice if you are developing a business that is focused on reducing its carbon footprint.

Cannabis Store Signs for Vehicles

Don’t forget your fleet when advertising your business. We produce the best car and truck signs in Canada. We can design complete vinyl wraps or simple magnetic signs or vinyl decals, depending on your needs.

Adding vehicle signs to match your cannabis store signs will improve your marketing. Your brand will get seen whenever your vehicles are on the road. Even parking a branded company car in front of your business can improve brand exposure and catch the attention of passing drivers and pedestrians.

Indoor Banners for Cannabis Stores

Getting people through your door is one thing. Engaging with them once they’re inside is an entirely different challenge. Store layouts, colors, and lighting all matter. You also need indoor signs to market your brand, latest products, promotional events, or even your prices.

About Signs Limited can create indoor cannabis store signs like freestanding or wall banners printed on the most durable material with attractive colors and lettering. We will work with you to create designs that stand out and appeal to your market. We can work with your existing graphical assets to create unforgettable banners.

We are the Experts in Cannabis Store Signs – Grow Your Company Like EMC Weed

With the spectacular growth of companies like EMC Weed, Canada’s cannabis market is exciting with extensive opportunities available. Signage should play a key role in your marketing strategy. Get the brand exposure you need and grow your business.

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