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Festive window signage

Now a holiday mainstay in downtown Toronto, The Bay’s flagship store at the corner of Yonge Street and Queen Street West displays several dioramas of Christmas scenes in their windows through the months of November and December. The scenes are incredibly intricate. One past scene of Santa’s workshop showed elves hard at work preparing gifts. Nutcracker dolls were being assembled, and tiny stuffed animals peeked out from the bag atop Santa’s sleigh.

The Bay’s holiday window displays are an excellent example of how to dress up a business for the festive season. They’re interesting and eye-catching, and that grabs the attention of pedestrians passing by. The displays have become so popular, many people make a point to visit the store just so they can see what scenes have been set up.

Your business doesn’t have to go as detailed as the dioramas at The Bay, but a few seasonal ornaments and some festive window signage can add some liveliness to your store, and may pull in a few new customers who have names yet to be crossed off their Christmas lists.

mall Christmas signs

Festive messaging

Many small businesses create unique window signage at this time of the year to let prospective customers know that they share in the holiday spirit. Festive signage can be as simple as a banner that reads “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. Some store owners use signage to send out a message that thanks customers and offers best wishes for the season and the New Year. Those sorts of signs are great at establishing rapport with customers by letting them know that they’re valued.

Signs as decorations

Signs that utilize both text and graphics can not only get a festive message across, but can serve as window décor. Silhouettes of Christmas trees are often utilized by businesses to dress up their storefront windows. They’re especially handy if you don’t have a lot of room near your windows to set up an actual tree.

Other graphics can be adhered to windows to dress them up for the holidays. Stylized images of Christmas ornaments printed on vinyl decals and stickers offer an elegant way to catch the attention of passing pedestrians. They adorn your windows while still letting potential customers see what you have to offer within your store. After the holiday season ends, the vinyl decals are simple to remove and stow away.

Showcase seasonal items

In addition to the festive window signage you create, it can be a good idea to highlight some products or services that have tie-ins to the holidays. A store that sells food products can display holiday-specific items like fruit cakes, candy canes, and the like.

For businesses that offer services, some additional signage can be useful. A spa, for example, could create a sign that lets customers know that gift cards for massages and other treatments make great gifts.

If your storefront windows could use some holiday cheer, contact us to see what sort of signs, decals, and other visual pieces About Signs can create to show off your business and celebrate the festive season.