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Full Vehicle Graphics vs Partial Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Graphics vs Partial Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Graphics are a fantastic way to turn your car into a 24/7 advertisement. If you are constantly busy driving around Oakville, Burlington or Hamilton you can reach a wide audience as your vehicle is always on display. Make the worst out of red lights and traffic jams by improving your company’s exposure. No longer do you have to airbrush graphics on to your vehicle.

When getting a Vehicle Wrap, you need to ask yourself two questions. Do I want a Full Vehicle Wrap or a Partial Vehicle Graphic. About Signs has come up with a list of pros and cons for each.

Full Vehicle Graphics

Hickory Dickory Decks Full Vehicle Wrap
By full vehicle wrap we mean that there are graphics that cover your entire vehicle. Normally there will be graphics on windows, hoods and the side of your automobile. On the Hickory Dickory Decks you’ll see that the graphics are subtle but effective. This vehicle would fit in nicely at a job site, parked at the grocery store, or on the road.

Pros of Full Car Wraps

  • Generates maximum impact in terms of advertising.
  • Advertisements can be seen from multiple angles.
  • Transforms your vehicle into something new and unique.

Full Service Vehicle Graphics Cons

  • Be aware of residential rules. Parking a fully wrapped vehicle at home may irritate neighbours if it doesn’t fit in with your community.
  • Make sure you follow all road rules as your company will be judged if you are constantly cutting people off or not signaling.
  • Our full wraps are easy to clean and are low maintenance. However you will want to clean it frequently as a dirty car (with mud/grime on it) will not be a good representation of your business.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Bella Premo Partial Vehicle Wrap
Partial wraps refer to lettering placed on your back window or the side of your vehicle. Partial wraps are perfect for someone who uses their service vehicle as a family car as well as it will blend in perfectly with your neighbourhood. You can instantly see Bella Premo’s, out of Oakville, fitting into any community. The truck lettering and vehicle image blend nicely together for an advertisement that tells the viewer everything they need to know.

Pros of Partial Wraps for Service Vehicles

  • A budget conscious alternative to a full vehicle Graphic.
  • You can still use the vehicle for personal use as it’s not as busy as a full vehicle wrap.
  • Great for networking, as everyone will know what you do for a living if you use the vehicle for personal use as well.

Cons of Partial Automotive Wraps

  • Not as effective as a full automotive wrap as you can only see the advertisement from one angle.


Normally what a custom vehicle wrap comes down to is your personal preference. You are the final judge of what you want, and we are here to serve your vision.