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Signage to decorate the front of your home

You put a lot of consideration into your home’s interior design. You may have spent a good chunk of time selecting paint colours or wallpaper, carpeting or hardwood flooring, and then choosing the right furniture and accessories to match your style. But you don’t have to wait until guests are inside your home to showcase your eye for design. Address signage can be a great way to add some of your style to the exterior of your home, while helping visitors easily identify your house. There are a number of ways to set your home apart from the others on your block.

Spell it out

An elegant way to mark your home address is to use spell out the number of your house along with your street’s name. It’s especially elegant when done in a cursive typeface that mimics handwriting. This sort of address sign provides something different from the usual numerical sign, and has an inviting feel to it, without being overly extravagant.

A handwritten Sign for your house

Signs for the front yard

Just because your address sign indicates the number of your house, doesn’t mean the sign actually has to be on your house. A standing sign placed in your front yard, possibly near the curb or driveway entrance, is another way for pedestrians and drivers to know your home’s address. This sort of sign not only has a utilitarian function, but it provides an element of décor to your property.


The traditional take

If you do want to keep your address marker directly on your house, an address plaque is a stylish option. You can customize a plaque by including just your street number or both the street number and name. A plaque that stands out against an exterior wall or door can draw in the eyes of visitors while still fitting in with its surroundings. It’s also a sturdy marker that will last for a while to come.

A plaque with an address on it

Modern markers

If you want a contemporary way to mark your home, consider using metal for the numbers, and have those numbers stand out a bit from whatever surface they’re mounted on. A stylized typeface will further enhance the modern look.

A sleek modern house number sign

Cutout signs

This is another unique way to indicate your address. The number and/or street name of your house will be cut out from the rest of the sign to create a unique look. Just keep in mind that it may be difficult for a cutout sign to be read if not placed properly. Consider what’s going to be located behind the sign so that the cutout segments are easy to see in contrast to the rest of the sign.

A cutout sign

Say your name

If you’re comfortable letting the world know exactly who lives in your house, you might want to place your family’s name on your address sign. These signs have a small town sort of feeling to them, and make your home seem like a very hospitable place.

The smiths family name and sign

If you’re looking to make your home stand out with a unique address sign, contact us to help bring your idea to life.