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Hanging Blade Signs for Classic and Elegant Signage

Few signs carry the prestige and elegance of hanging blade signs. Hanging signs evoke memories of yesteryear but still feel incredibly fresh and memorable. If you are looking for storefront signage that gets your business noticed, or if you need unique hanging signs for interiors, About Signs Limited is the sign hanging company to call.

We create custom blade signs in a variety of unique styles. Get your obligation-free quote and start designing a sign with a look that will elevate your brand.


What is a Hanging Sign?

Hanging signs are traditional signs that are typically suspended above a doorway or storefront. They are flat, two-sided, and face the traffic flow (pedestrian or vehicle) of the street where your business is located.

Hanging signs can be mounted by chains on an extended pole, or they can be affixed directly to the pole or even a hanging sign wall bracket. Not all hanging signs hang in the purest sense, but they all have a similar profile and always have their faces directly towards traffic.

You can customize modern hanging signs in several styles, including 3D signs, circular signs, lightbox signs, and multiple hanging signs from a single mount. Contact us for your quote and get started with a bespoke hanging sign design today.

Types of Blade Signs

You can make your blade sign as traditional or as innovative as you like. The size, shape, lettering, and graphics can be fully customized to reflect your brand and message.

The most affordable blade signs are swing signs and pub-style hanging signs. These are double-sided signs that are unlit, with graphics and text applied to materials like metal, acrylic, or even wood if you’re aiming for a real traditional aesthetic.

Round Blade Signs

If you’re after a modern esthetic for your signage, you can consider round blade signs. This style is great for graphics, company logos, and lettering. Round blade signs work great as light boxes, where the sign is three dimensional, enclosed with metal sides, and lit from within. Interior lighting on round blade signs ensures that the text and graphics on the acrylic faces are impactful and legible day or night.

Round blade signs can also be flat and unlit, which is a popular choice for signs that are used indoors in large showrooms, department stores, and shopping malls.

Hanging Sign Wall Brackets

For the simplest hanging blade sign style, you can consider hanging sign wall brackets. This type of mounting attaches a flat blade sign directly to a wall or other suitable support (such as a pole). These are popular for directional signs, department signs in retail spaces, parking signs, and information signs.

Of course, you can also use hanging sign wall brackets for your primary signage if it works with the space that you have available. When you request a quote, we will explore the various style and mounting options that suit your budget and your location.

Highly decorative signs can use embellished shapes like a coat of arm outlines. Simple signs can be perfectly flat and produced using durable aluminum. With the extensive design, material, colour, lettering, and graphic options, your sign can perfectly reflect your brand and tell customers who you are and what you offer.


Work with the Best Sign Hanging Company in Southwestern Ontario

Based in Oakville, About Signs Limited has more than 20 years of experience as a sign hanging company in Southwestern Ontario. Our valued clients operate in diverse industries and are found in locations like Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA, Hamilton, Niagara, and the surrounding areas.

We’ve built our reputation as the best sign hanging company with clients ranging from national brands like Tim Hortons to family-owned businesses right here in Oakville. If you’re looking for a reliable sign hanging company with fair pricing, we’re ready to help.

Promote your business with attractive hanging blade signs and keep your brand fresh with your audience.