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Sunbrella is a Great Alternative to Canvas Awnings

Sunbrella is a Great Alternative to Canvas Awnings

At About Signs Limited, you can get the best fabric storefront signs to help market and shade your business. Storefront awnings provide a timeless aesthetic with practical advantages.

Traditional awnings, including canvas awnings, have been used for centuries. New developments in materials have led to the development of Sunbrella fabric, providing the ideal alternative to traditional canvas awnings.

Learn why Sunbrella fabric in Mississauga could be perfect for your storefront awnings.

Canvas Awnings or Modern Materials? The Choice is Yours

Traditional awnings like canvas awnings are still widely used in Mississauga and throughout Southern Ontario. Canvas awnings are durable and can offer protection from the sun. They can also be printed with high-quality graphics and lettering to create effective storefront signage.

But with all their advantages, canvas awnings aren’t as durable as vinyl or Sunbrella fabric in Mississauga.

If you’re looking for a specific aesthetic where only traditional awnings made from canvas will fit the part, then we have you covered. If you’re looking for something more modern with added durability, Sunbrella fabric in Mississauga is the best choice.

Practical Advantages of a Fabric Storefront Sign

Whether you choose vinyl, canvas, or Sunbrella, fabric storefront signs provide several advantages.

  • You can use fabric storefront signs to protect your storefront and the sidewalk from direct sunlight and even rain.
  • Large fabric storefront signs can be used to provide awning coverage outside clubs, bars, restaurants, and cafés. This can give you more from your outdoor real estate.
  • Fabric storefront signs are available in a range of colours and designs to suit your business. The perfect aesthetic can align with your overall brand image.
  • You can print fabric signs with graphics and letterings when you work with the team at About Signs Limited.
  • Shading your front window with a fabric storefront sign can help to keep the window clean and prevent UV damage to the interior and any products on display.

From Artisan Awnings to Traditional Awnings – Shape and Size are Fully Customizable

Any material you choose can be shaped to fit a frame that suits your business. Artisan awnings have more design embellishments for a look that truly stands out.

Countless traditional awnings styles can work as artisan awnings. Some of the most popular include:

  • Arch and Gable traditional awnings for entryways.
  • Elongated dome traditional awnings that are reminiscent of old butcher shops and marketplaces.
  • Concave awnings that have a dramatic inward curve.

Frames can be formed using treated aluminum that will provide structural support without adding too much weight to the exterior façade of your premises. Awning edges can be used to add to the artisan aesthetic.

For a real artisan awning, you could have a scalloped edge. If you want something cleaner and more modern, you can have a perfectly shaped edge.

Artisan awnings can be striped or solid. Colour choices are entirely up to you. As the leading signage company in Mississauga, we provide a turnkey design, production, and installation service. If you aren’t quite sure what you want in artisan awnings, we’ll provide design concepts and help you to decide.

Sunbrella Fabric in Mississauga

You can choose Sunbrella fabric in Mississauga if you want a specialty material that provides the best esthetic with maximum durability.

Sunbrella fabric in Mississauga looks like canvas but offers the resilience of vinyl. It is suitable for printing and is available in a range of colours. You can have Sunbrella fabric in Mississauga perfectly matched to a custom frame. We take care of the engineering in-house.

One key advantage of choosing Sunbrella for your awning material is that the colour will last longer. Sunbrella can fade over time, but the process is slow, so you’ll get a better return on investment. The fibres used to make Sunbrella are coloured to the core, so there’s no risk of having an outer layer of colour fade away to reveal a different one underneath.

Graphics applied to Sunbrella fabric are UV stable, so they’ll continue to look great for years. Sunbrella awnings typically last for at least ten years.

Sunbrella offers better UV protection than canvas, and similar UV protection to vinyl, so the material can protect interiors and furniture from sun degradation.

The upkeep for Sunbrella is minimal. The material naturally resists mold and debris, and it’s easy to clean with low-pressure water and detergent if necessary.

Sunbrella is a water-resistant material. Sunbrella Plus offers all the benefits of the standard material with the benefit of being water-proof.

Get the Best Awning Signage from About Signs Limited

Whatever material you choose, we produce the best vinyl, canvas awnings, and Sunbrella awnings at About Signs Limited. Request your quote and take your storefront branding to the next level.