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The Importance of Business Sign Location & Message

The Importance of Business Sign Location & Message

Business owners are always trying to attract the attention of potential customers. A business sign, like a sandwich board, Pylon, mobile or lawn signs are a great way to draw in traffic or build awareness for your business. Signage is an excellent way to help generate sales leads for your company, attract passersby and make a positive impression to potential customers.

The best locations for signs when approaching your business are generally located perpendicular to the road in close proximity to your location to capture the attention of potential customers. Whether your business is a grocery store, theatre, car dealership, drug store, building supply outlet, mall or even a church, a well-placed sign can attract customers to your location.

Regardless of colour, shape or size, location, location, location is the name of the game. Savvy business owners understand the importance of raising the visibility of their brand and maximizing the potential of passing trade. Even advertising executives understand the value of signage and its location for attracting people to your business. Most marketing companies understand that signage is the least expensive and most effective form of advertising.

Signs are a great way to advertise for both local and national retail business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but if a sign can’t be seen from the road, passing motorists have no idea that your business exists. Therefore, placing your sign in a strategically appointed location is crucial to building awareness of its existence.

Not only is the location of your sign one of the most important aspects of getting people aware of your business, but what your sign says is equally important. Here are 7 tips for you to consider when designing your sign to build brand awareness.

Phone Number and Signs:

Believe or not, many business owners forget to add their phone number, which is an important piece of information. A smart trick for tracking how many leads come from the sign is to use a phone number that is a unique number people can call.

Business Address and Branding:

Another common sense tactic is to list your address on your business sign, particularly if you have a retail establishment that you want people to visit. This approach should help to drive foot traffic to your location.

Call to Action for Marketing Conversions:

A call to action is a great way to target someone or do something for someone. An offer listed on your sign is a simple way to tell people what you want them to do in order to receive the bonus. An example is “Stop in by July 31th and receive 10% off any purchase”.

A QR Code on Signs:

Add a QR (quick response) code to your business sign that is tied to a special offer or something that a potential customer may want. The QR Code should send the person to a mobile ready landing page that has a sign up form. Once the person signs up for your offer, they will be sent an email with a code or a coupon.

Website Address on your Sign:

Remember to add your website address to your business sign as another way to target potential customers. If your domain name is too long, use a shortened version or get a separate, shorter domain that redirects to your website.

Email Address and Signage:

Use your business email address, or create a unique email address to put on your business sign so that you can track the number of inquiries that come in. If you need help in this area, you can turn to websites like TradeBeyond to network with other retailers within your community, providing help when needed about ways to promote and support your business.

Be Creative:

Add all of these tips to your business sign and you should see an increase in the amount of sales leads that you generate. By the way, this isn’t just for signs. Use these different tactics on business cards, letters, mailers, vehicle lettering, and other branded material you may have.

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