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How to Maximize Your Market with a Business Vehicle Wrap

Have you ever driven past a large, impressive billboard and wished you had enough money in your advertising budget to put your own business ad up there? What you might not realize is that you already have a billboard available to you. In fact, you’re driving it! Investing in a commercial vehicle business wrap is a great way to maximize your market and get your message out in front of more potential customers.

business vehicle wrap

Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet, using the space on your vehicle for advertising has many advantages.

Attract Attention with Vehicle Wraps

There are lots of business vehicles on the road today that are plain white or a solid colour and perhaps have a bit of lettering on the side. But this isn’t going to draw much attention. On the other hand, colourful vehicle wraps with cool graphics and strong branding will be sure to turn heads and help people remember you.

Custom vehicle wraps allow you to get almost any look that you can think of including glossy and matte colours, metallic, brushed metal and carbon fiber. Your options are practically limitless.

Mobile Advertising and Car Wraps

Conventional billboards get attention, but only when potential customers are driving by them. Cars, trucks and vans outfitted with commercial vehicle business wraps take the message to the customers rather than waiting for the customers to come to them.

Depending on how wide a radius you travel and how many business vehicles you own, it is possible to reach tens of thousands of people with your message every month. In fact, some businesses attract more customers with vehicle wrap advertising than they do through their website!

Engaging Advertising

Many people use television commercials as an opportunity to get up and get a snack, or if they are listening to the radio while driving, they may switch stations when a commercial is played.

But with commercial vehicle wraps many people enjoy seeing the interesting effects and designs.  See the various types and high-quality vehicle wraps About Signs installs in our car wrap gallery.

Cost Effective Business Vehicle Wraps

Compared to other types of advertising, using vehicle wraps is extremely cost effective. Radio, television, print and billboard ads all have time limited contracts which you will have to renew if you wish to have your advertising continue on these platforms.

With vehicle wraps however, a one-time investment will give you beautiful advertising which you can use as long as you have your vehicle. If you wish to make changes to your wrap, you can easily do so at a lower cost than your initial investment.

Protection for Your Vehicle

Another benefit that many people forget is that commercial business vehicle wraps also provide protection for your vehicle. Vinyl wraps help guard your vehicle’s paint job and protect it from little dents, chips and scratches.

When you are ready to sell your vehicle, or trade it in, vehicle wraps are easily removed.  Furthermore, since car wraps have helped preserve and protect your vehicle, you may end up getting a better price for your vehicle upon resale.

If you are looking for a cost effective marketing tool and a way to stand out from your competition, then it may be time to start thinking about commercial vehicle wraps. Contact About Signs today to discuss what we can do for you.